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  1. krisavant

    b7 1.9 Limp Mode with noise, but no smoke and turbo fine!!? Experts out there?

    My b7 1.9 115bhp just started going into limp mode with a weird noise, checked turbo fins look sharp and pretty clean, boost control sensor maybe?? And where is it?? The noise is also quite loud, it's not a whistle or a whine or boost leak. Any help (anything) appreciated.
  2. krisavant

    How do you disable parking sensors?

    I got a faulty parking sensor which I plan to do but no rush. How do I disable sensors without removing bumper etc? There seems to be no fuse? Many Thanks
  3. krisavant

    New Discs & Pads, Handbrake Still Rubbish??

    As title, renewed all discs and pads and my handbrake is still rubbish, it's so bad I cannot use it on the slightest of hills. Anyone with some knowledge on the b6 braking system could help? (Off subject also, changed temp sensor and stat this week and what a difference in car and fuel). If it...
  4. krisavant

    Strut mount pic? Anyone?

    Trying to find top mounts for my car but there seem to be 3 versions?? Anyone got any pics of a4 b6 version please before I buy the wrong ones?? Any help appreciated thanks ;) Kris
  5. krisavant

    Any special tools needed to change cv joint?

    Think my clicking issues are from a worn cv joint. Before I take on the task of changing it, do I need any special tools for removal of old one? Or is it one for the garage to do? Any info be great thanks.
  6. krisavant

    Clicking front suspension

    Front end of car clicks or slightly knocks every now and then. I've changed the drop links thinking it was them but it's still there. Suspension is standard sport suspension on b5 perches. Anyone any ideas what it could be, it's really really annoying. I've checked everything and cannot see...
  7. krisavant

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Seen this on past forums and not noticed a thread like this on here. Basically whatever you have done to your b6 today stick it up on here. Washed it, fixed it, modded it, looked at it, took it on. Anyone??
  8. krisavant

    Brake pads low symbol staying on.

    The brake pad low symbol is flashing (the yellow one). Brake fluid is full, brake pads are really thick and sensors are fine. Warning light comes on temperamental but sometimes don't come on until about 15 mins of driving. Any ideas anyone? Anyone bridged the sensor to delete the light...
  9. krisavant

    How to get rid of ABS dash lights after fitting HIDS.

    Fitted my hids the other night then straight away ABS etc warning lights come on. What I've learnt, expensive hids, cheap hids it's pot luck whether they'll throw the abs lights up. Moving the ballasts works for some people for me it didn't. The ground to the near side headlight shares the same...
  10. krisavant

    Rear Arm Rest Cup Holder

    About a year ago I made myself a cup holder to go in the rear armrest of the A4. 2 spaces for drinks and a storage area. This one... and it's served it's purpose brilliantly. With a 9 and a 4 year old in the back it's been perfect for our outings. I've now made one that fits even better...
  11. krisavant

    Pic request of anyone running 225/40/18 on 8.5j wheel

    I'm currently running 245/40/18 tyres but need to downsize to minimise rubbing. Has anyone got 225's on an 8.5j alloy just to give me an idea of stretch if any? Thanks, Kris
  12. krisavant

    ET 29 WITH 8.5J WHEELS

    I'm interested in some new 18" alloys but the offset is really low at ET29. The alloys are 8.5J wide. What are your opinions on this setup for my avant? Are they gonna poke out to much with 225/45/18 tyres on them? Any help much appreciated. thanks.
  13. krisavant

    Are these for b6 or b7 wiper arms?

    I've had problems trying to find the proper fit wipers for my b6, now I'm wondering do I have b7 wiper arms?? Are v fit wipers b7?? My car is '54 plate.
  14. krisavant

    Black A4 saloon, 19" inch bmw 5 spoke alloys, lowered.

    Parked up at Liverpool tattoo convention. Nice!! B8 model.
  15. krisavant

    Wipers squeaking, banging. ARE they right ones?

    Since I've had car (1 year) the wipers has never run smooth across the windscreen. The ones that were on there when I bought the car were retrofit and were rubbish so replaced with Bosch retro fit but were still awfull, then tried Valeo and still same outcome. They all clear the rain fine but...
  16. krisavant

    Airbox wet!

    Over the Christmas period I've gone right through the car with a tooth pick, also given it a service etc, cleaned out them drains under battery, sorted leaky boot and a few other things. Today renewed the air filter and the box was drenched!! Full of crap and a slightly damp bottom end of...
  17. krisavant

    Joey mod

    I've read the a4 mod site on how to strip the headlights and it says its not as easy as putting them in oven to separate them. Now I only want to blacken the long chrome bit at the inside front of the headlight, not bothered about blackening the rest. My question is, why can't I just put them in...
  18. krisavant

    Cup holders in rear armrest. Gonna make my own..

    Are there cup holders that can be fitted or retro fitted inside the rear arm rest?? I can't find anything that will hold 2 cups/cans etc and I've set my mind on to making my own with 6mm acrylic and a laser engraver to cut to shape. 2 cut outs for 2 drinks and maybe engrave a couple of Audi...
  19. krisavant

    My Maritius Blue 1.9 Avant 130 sport

    Bought this with 75,000 miles on clock. Pretty good nick but alloys seriously needed refurbing and one or two dings need pulling out. Apart from that, it was clean!! First jobs done: snowfoam etc, claybar & a couple of layers of collinite. Alloys refurbed, painted calipers and lcr splitter...
  20. krisavant

    Show me your rear of your Avant.

    I've recently bought a 130 sport avant with s-line badges already on it but the previous owner has removed the 1.9 badge but left the tdi badge and put the s-line under the tdi. Just doesn't look right. (Pic would have been better I know). Any pics of different badges or removed completely anyone??