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    brake master cyclinder on my s3!

    I've PM'd you mate
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    Tell tale signs of a clutch on its way out?

    The issue cleared up weirdly, no idea at all and the clutch has been perfectly fine! I did notice that when it was happening it was cold weather, so temperature might have had something to do with it... Had all fluids checked and they were all fine... sorry I cant help any more!
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    Throttle body cleaning BAM

    I just disconnected the Battery before disconnecting the TB. Put back together and everything was running sweet when put back together.
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    Eibach Pro Lowering Springs 25mm Front 20mm Rear Question?

    You cannot fit the springs the wrong way round. Give it a few weeks to settle!
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    Rev Hang after Custom Map

    I had a similar issue when I had a few split hoses under inlet mani? might have a split pipe after the remap? Just an idea..
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    Knocking noise.

    I had the same issue, Seemed the exhaust bracket after the Cat was loose. Cheers,
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    Heavy braking - rear pulls to the left

    I have had this when I had air in one of the brake lines. Cheap to bleed brakes through first to see?
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    1.8T AUM split hose problem?

    Get that changed as soon as possible! Mines split all the way along and ive got no brakes at all! The entire pipe was quoted at 60 from tps
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    Powerflex engine dog bone bush?

    I have a similar problem with my diesel bush, car vibrates a lot more, the mount was fully cleaned and torqued up correctly. The guys at the turbo unit in Tamworth suggested it could be my dual mass on its way out but that's a 'could' I won't know untill its changed.
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    8l's with 16" rims?

    35mm lowered, 10mm spacers on the rear with 205/55/16 Bridgestones Although it is on a curb so doesn't show the drop that well
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    VAGCOM in Derbyshire/Manchester area please!

    If you can travel to near Tamworth the turbo unit would help. They have vagcom and are turbo specialists.
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    help please, advice needed.

    You don't need to bleed the clutch.
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    PEOPLE OF ASN: I am a Prawn in Need!

    Voted. Hope you win dude
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    The Turbo Unit - WINNER!

    Not a problem mate, it was a pleasure meeting yourself and Lee, might pop down in the next few weeks to see how your cars getting on. Did you get the inter coolers fitted after I left?
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    The Turbo Unit - WINNER!

    You have to give credit where credit is due! I totally agree about audi and to be honest, a lot of other garages too! I would seriously recommend the Turbo Unit to anyone on here, its a new garage as i said, but Bens been a mechanic since he was young and Lee has been in the turbo proffession...
  16. Metro

    The Turbo Unit - WINNER!

    Alright folks, just had two near full days at The Turbo Unit, a relatively new garage who specialize in Turbo's (its near Tamworth in Fazeley). Ive came away with a car which to be honest, I never expected it was capable of! Ben and Lee are cracking guys, massively helpful and a huge laugh...
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    TPS new policy - Turning away non-trade customers

    Wow that's rubbish. Derby tps served me yesterday for a few bits
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    Issues with my brakes... Still!

    When the MC was changed the garage bled it, but I'm not sure if they cycled the abs pump. I'm going back tomorrow to ask them. Thanks for the replies guys
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    Issues with my brakes... Still!

    I'm getting no fault codes related to the servo at all which would be a massive expense just to chuck money at. Do your breaks go normal after they are bled then go **** over a few weeks?
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    Oil pressure warning

    + 1 ^ I had this issue and caught it before damage was done.