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    RS3 Winter Tyres

    Hi I need advice on getting winter wheels and tyres for my 2012 RS3. Really only for two trips to the Alps in Austria. So this is purely functional no bling required. So questions would be: 1. Can I just get winter tyres and put them on the original 19 inch alloys or do I need to buy wheels too...
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    I've had three tanks full of Shell V-Power and have got 225 miles to the tank which is about 60 litres. Hardly any motorway driving mostly start-stops with about 4 mile trips, so this is reall urban driving scenario. I'm keeping a spreadsheet for my own interest so ask me in a few months for an...
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    1st Damaged repairable RS3 i have seen!

    Strange, I'll buy the bucket seats from whoever who want to chop the car, so message me if anyone plans in making money by chopping the car up. The pic gives me the shivers though, such a pretty little thing looking so hurt.
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    RS3 and my old RS2

    Jersey Paul, how many cars have you got at the moment? All cool Audis on a little island!:hubbahubba:
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    Sprint Blue RS3.

    Welcome to the club bro! I nearly wet myself when I picked up mine in Daytona Grey! Drove it back on the M5 with snow!
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    New RS3 Jerseypaul - new pics

    Jersey Paul, I've been driving mine around for the past two months and have no issue with the 'ride' thinks its just right. As you said the 's' button really sharpens the gear changes in auto and makes one hell of a difference with the sound. I need to find a tunnel just to give it a blast with...
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    New RS3 Jerseypaul - new pics

    Congratulations on the car! Post some comments on how you think it handles when you get more comfortable with driving it!
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    My 2012 Daytona Grey RS3

    Nice RS3, I got mine in daytona grey, did not go for the buckets as on touring and and day to day they are restrictive well I wish I could swap them on a daily basis! I did not go for the aluminium race inlays, so in two minds as the cabin is pretty dark! As for whoever says the cabins don't...
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    Launch colour

    Got mine in Daytona Grey and the alu optic pack, electric seats and piano black in-lays, did not go for buckets as they are not comfy for easy touring, dont plan to boom the car on a track. Not sure about my black inlays - the cabin in 'proper' black Thinking of retro fitting alu race inlays...
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    Hi guys new member and rs3 owner well nearly

    Gents, I took delivery of my RS3 in February, I had waited 14 months and when I got it cruise control and electric folding rear view mirrors were missing! Got loads of 'excuses' from Audi but they are 'trying' to sort out a retrofit. Although a wrong ECU is just comedy its not like its picked...
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    New RS3? What delivery miles?

    Mine came with 30-35 miles and I was complaining! I also paid for cruise control and folding wing mirrors and these options were missing from my beast! Still in the process with Audi retro fitting these. I've had it for six weeks now and really enjoying it when I get to have a little play...
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    New S3 Owner

    Welcome! £6900 is cheap!!! wow! I am speechless Love my S3 in dolphin grey! S3 till I die or buy an new one or an S4 or RS4 or RS6 (ok I am getting a little carried away now)
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    TYRE Recommendation Required - HELP

    After all the malarkey I ended up with the 'Vredesteins' Ultracs only was concerend about the assymetry of the sessantas, my car seems to be pretty sensitive. Comments on the Vredesteins - so far 15 miles they are great and for all four fitted at only £328! Seem to stick well in the dry waiting...
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    porsche carrera and ST whooping

    Gents, Maybe we should have this type of banter in a pub with some beers. S3al - Thanks for your post it put a smile on my face. Scoobyra - Thanks for positive post too We are all friends :friends:
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    TYRE Recommendation Required - HELP

    Hey Guys Thanks for the advice. Now am going to read up on the Parada, Conti and Vredesteins. Thanks again! :happy:
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    TYRE Recommendation Required - HELP

    I am looking for about 15k miles of use, grip in the dry with not too much sacrifice in the wets. I have Bridgestones at the moment and they are great in the dry (well its because its nearly slicks) in the wet its like a dog trying to run on wet tiles. Been looking at, the...
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    TYRE Recommendation Required - HELP

    Need to replace all four tyres for my S3 - what shall i get and why... Any idea if is the best? PS this forum rocks!
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    New Tyres, Wiper Blades & Silver Wing Mirror

    Hey guys, thanks for the advice, only got 200 miles for service !!:salute:
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    New Tyres, Wiper Blades & Silver Wing Mirror

    Need some advice, 1. Good place to get new tyres for S3 225BHP 52 plate. 2. Where to get no BS wind screen wipers (Halfards are crap!) 3. Silver polished wing mirrors Lastly my car is 35,000 miles it worth taking it to AUDI for the next service or to an 'AUDI...
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    S3 Tracking to the left!

    Thanks for the advice, have been told that Audi Bristol will charge me just to look at is so will definately take it elsewhere. Will get local Audi specialist to have a look at the sticky brake calipers this week. Could this be anything to do with the drive system?:racer: