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    2.0 TDi will not start

    Hi all, after some help again. Basically my A3 will not start at all without bump starting it, when ignition is on radio and air bag sign on centre console will start flashing and windows and wipers will not operator.. lights work outside and dashboard. there's a clicking noise also.
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    Boost Leak? 2.0 TDi thoughts?

    Hey all, wondering if anyone can help with a few problems im having with my A3 BKD 2.0 TDi. recently the car started making a whoosing noise (like air?) but only when turbo was kicking in (wont happen in neutral being reved) & also started to hesitate when slowly going up the rev's.. worse when...
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    A3 2.0 TDI problems.

    Hi all, Just wondering if you kind people could help me out with two problems i have with my A3. 1, Car seems to shake when stationary and also judders to a start from cold with a puff of white smoke, once warm runs great like any other car, but still shakes when stationary. 2, Rear washer...