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    Fault code U0101

    anyone come across this before ?
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    Fault code U0101 tcm

    hi everyone I have a 015 rs3 and just had my engine light come on . Upon scanning it came up with u0101 which seems to be lost communication with transmissions control module. Car still drives ok in aut but haven't booted it (now back with Audi) Have any of you guys come across this before ? Thanks
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    is this normal

    hi everyone i have just picked up my 2001 s3 with 120k on the clock which overall i am very pleased with. the only this i have noticed is that the clutch seems to bite almost on the floor is this normal for these cars. thanks
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    Ally sump Guard

    Hi everyone i know i am a newbie on here but wondered if anyone would be interested in a replacement ally sump cover to replace the standard plastic one. i got some made up for my v6 4motion and did a group buy on the ukmkiv forum a while ago. this is what it look like for the golf so...
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    shopping for S3

    Hi i am going to look at a couple of S3's on a Y plate this weekend so i was wondering if you guys could give me a few pointers on what to look for eg. common faults ,service history, what critcal parts should have been changed on a 130k car etc. tried to put a link to them but doesnt seem to...
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    Y plate S3

    hi everyone just thought it was only polite to intoduce myself. looking at a couple this weekend so hopefully should have one very very soon.