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  1. DieselJake

    Deleting Posts

    Not sure why but it seems posts can no longer be deleted after being posted, decided to report one of my own posts as I could not delete this and noticed others doing the same in other threads.
  2. DieselJake

    How do you know a garage has carried out work

    More I think about it more I question it, fortunately try to do servicing and basic stuff myself but enough horror stories of work clearly not being carried out yet paid for resulting in catastrophic failure. Had a code recently which flagged up as a sensor issue on my reader, took it to a...
  3. DieselJake

    Audi R4

    Walking home tonight and saw an Audi R4 parked up on the side of the road... not an R8, not an A4, not an S4, not an RS4 but the legendary mythical Audi R4. Was about to snap a photo but unfortunately the owner was unlocking and getting in as my phone came out. Really think we should ban the...
  4. DieselJake

    Track Apps

    Donington Monday and first time taking my own car on track so wanted to make the most by recording. Installed Harry's Laptimer (Petrolhead Edition) which sounds great on paper but is buggy and unresponsive so tried TrackAddict which works fluently but delays speed readings and couldn't find...
  5. DieselJake

    For Sale Audi A4 1.9tdi 205bhp pd130 Facelift S4 RS4 S-line Parts B6 B7

    Owned 7+ years in which time it's been serviced religiously with branded parts and only drank premium fuel. Driven sensibly returns 55+ mpg. Reliable, economical and very fast! All modifications carried out by specialist VW/Audi mechanics at garages including Darkside Developments, Unicorn...
  6. DieselJake

    LED Headlights

    Just wondered what the opinion was on these, had some cheap eBay sidelights on a few years back which flickered and died but saw a post online of people using main beam "Nighteye" LED bulbs which sparked my interest again as I want bright fit and forget headlights rather than halogen but haven't...
  7. DieselJake

    Solid Tyres

    Why don't we all have them? Started looking into solid push bike tyres to which I found companies have developed a compound which far outlasts regular tubed tyres in terms of wear, feeling the same to the touch, weighing the same and most importantly riding the same which baffled me as to why...
  8. DieselJake

    Going Electric

    I know allot of people are sceptical about electric car's, solar panels, all sorts but I was just wondering if anyone has made small or big steps to this and what opinions are surrounding electric. I'm currently building a relatively fast electric bike for commuting and will most likely be...
  9. DieselJake

    AITP 2018!

    Who's going from here then? Still not 100% as my bonnet is getting sprayed/fitted Saturday but hopefully all goes to plan.
  10. DieselJake

    AITP 2018!

    Who's going from here then? Still not 100% as my bonnet is getting sprayed/fitted Saturday but hopefully all goes to plan.
  11. DieselJake

    Home Cinema Systems

    Just wondering what you guys are running/suggest? I was originally thinking of getting some regular sound bar with wireless rear speakers but after going to a TV audio place (and previous audio experiance) I now want the works so I'm looking for a speaker in each corner and more for proper...
  12. DieselJake

    DieselJakes 1.9TDI Built Thread

    Started life as an early bog standard 5 speed 1.9tdi PD130 AWX SE model when I got it... Mods: Tints on all back windows Eibach suspension AP dampers/shocks Smoked side repeaters RS4 pedals S-line rear bumper S4 door blades Hidden turbo back 2.5" straight pipe exhaust Pressed metal...
  13. DieselJake

    Alloy RS4 Bonnet Dealer Cost

    Just thought I'd post my recent findings: £1200.00 (give or take £50; my brain automatically rounds things up/down) Think I'll stick with regular for now :playful: if I do eventually swap it'll most likely be a (cheaper!) carbon one with pins to stop it flying up.
  14. DieselJake

    1.9tdi Not Starting

    Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 8E0-614-517.lbl Part No: 8E0 614 517 Component: ABS/ESP front D1320 Coding: 04255 Shop #: WSC 06435 VCID: 6596418AAC75F4DFE21-51F2 3 Faults Found: 18258 - Powertrain Data Bus P1850 - 35-00 - Missing Message from ECU 18258 -...
  15. DieselJake

    Car's having a wee

    Must of drank all the recent rain water. Think I have more plugs to unplug somewhere to fix this... not sure where yet, only unblocked the ones under the battery the other day! On a possibly related note my car is also still getting an intermittent "Electronic Stabilization Program" light...
  16. DieselJake

    205bhp Unicorn 1.9tdi

    So yeah this happened: Previously mapped at Darkside with a very different (and pessimistic as suspected) dyno, had some ugly looking boost spikes as well which most likely worked themselves out a bit over time in the ECU: Overall feels much more responsive throughout the rev range with...
  17. DieselJake

    Should you love a car?

    Now I'm not talking putting your bits in the exhaust pipe and the like; when I think of future car's I just can't decide whether it's better to get a £500 runabout, performance car or new (and most likely electric) car. I love all three options, think to be honest I just like cars in general...
  18. DieselJake

    Beating a Civic Type R

    So yeah basically me and my friends ep3 Type R are neck and neck from 30 to 70+ and I want to edge him as I think it's the perfect benchmark. I'd also like to be quicker from 0 if possible but it's fwd so I'm not sure if theirs much I can do to prevent wheelspin (and no I'm not converting to...
  19. DieselJake

    Any Ideas?

    So yeah got a triangle with an exclamation mark in it and some coil light, car is a 1.9tdi pd130 and the car won't engage in any gears; I'm basically coasting 1st to 5th to get around, sounds a bit more noisy too.
  20. DieselJake

    Excess Plastic/Unnecessary Stuff

    This may sound a bit overkill but I just thought back to when I fitted my bucket seats and the amount of plastic Audi has all around the base of the front seats is absolutely ridiculous, still have a big bag full of the stuff which I'll probably bin. For context my car is already a fair bit...