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  1. Caesium

    ****** road resurfacing!!

    I'm sure most of you have seen the state of our roads, potholed and torn up, which make it really uncomfortable to drive on. It seems the council's resolution to this is to spray bitumen on the roads and then throw down granite chippings. This is called surface dressing. If any of you have...
  2. Caesium

    Thinking of A5 Coupe Black Edition... thoughts?

    Thinking about selling my 335d and getting into an A5 Coupe 3.0d. Anyone here got one and can give me their opinion on it?
  3. Caesium

    Back from my hiatus

    Looks like I may be getting back into an Audi after my long break being with BM. For those who remember me, hello again
  4. Caesium

    Tyres Group Buy

    Guys, I'm setting up a Group Buy on the M3 forum where I am now a member, but I thought I'd also extend it on to other forums where I am also a member. If anyone is interested in new tyres (especially as winter is on the way) please put your name down with the tyres you require a price on...
  5. Caesium

    Anyone ever used THORNEY motorsport?

    Would like to hear from you if you have had any experience with these guys, good or bad.
  6. Caesium

    Picked it up yesterday....

    Yes its not an Audi but it is German....
  7. Caesium

    iPhone owners!

    If, like me you own an iPhone (upon which I am writing this post) and you love it (which I do) for it's ability to do just about everything. It has apps which make it stand head and shoulders above everything else, all other manufacturers try to copy it's operation but fail miserably. If you...
  8. Caesium

    Photobucket privacy FAIL

    Saw this linked to on another forum. The low down is guy takes some rather NWS pictures of him and his gf with other pictures of him selling stuff that show his forum name and doesn't set his photobucket account to private. Some quite funny comments in the original thread including the bit...
  9. Caesium

    Anyone installed a TRACKER?

    I have bought a tracker for my M3 as it needs to have one installed for insurance, but there is no wiring diagram with it. It appears to be very simple as it only has 2 stripped wires, however it also has some wiring included in a small bag. Anyone ever fitted one of these?
  10. Caesium

    Bought a new watch :)

    Decided to celebrate my singledom by buying a new watch, as Goldsmiths had a sale on. Omega Seamaster Chrono black face, awesome watch. Anyone else on here have a decent watch?
  11. Caesium

    Decided to get a less sensible car

    Decided to get rid of the 530D Sport and get an M3 instead.... woooooot! Took one for a test drive today and i'm hooked!!
  12. Caesium

    My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

    Anyone else see this? I'm glad this sort of program was on, it shows that they are normal decent people the same as everyone else. And the women, oh my god, most of them are stunning!
  13. Caesium

    Private Plate Questions

    I am considering a private numberplate, if I buy a plate and transfer it to my car, what happens to the original plate? My limited knowledge shows that I can retain the old plate for £105? Seems a bit excessive. Anyone got any advice regarding this?
  14. Caesium

    Anyone had experience with Cambridge Audi?

    I have called them about an A6 i am interested in about 3 1/2 weeks ago and spoke to a salesman, no return call despite having called back 3-4 times. What a joke.
  15. Caesium

    Is this some sort of scam?

    I'm sure I have seen this sort of thing before, is it a scam? Seems to good to be true, and that generally means it is...
  16. Caesium

    Torsen Diff Oil Change on Quattro

    Has anyone had their oil changed in their torsen diff? My mate has been told he needs it done at 50k
  17. Caesium

    Yahoo answers... classic
  18. Caesium

    Classical Music - Andrea Bocelli

    Anyone else enjoy a break from pop music?
  19. Caesium

    Religous Tolerance... discuss.

    I just watched Jimmy Carr telling jokes, and he called Jesus a fag, and the Pope the king of the paedos. I thought that was hilarious even though it pokes fun at the majority religion in this country, because its a joke and not to be taken seriously. Perhaps some should study the concept of a...
  20. Caesium

    Formula 1 vs Nascar video so, so funny.