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  1. AndrewW

    Detailing product/equipment storage

    So I'm relatively new to the world of detailing. A couple of years ago I was still using sponges :huh: In that couple of years I seem to have amassed a large collection of products and accessories and it's now taking over the large shelves in my utility room, plus I find myself pulling a...
  2. AndrewW

    HHA / Hill Hold Assist on by default

    My car is fitted with the HHA feature with the button below the electronic handbrake however this defaults to OFF every time the car is turned off and back on. I'm aware there is potentially a Carista mod to set it to auto on, or at least remember the last setting, but is anyone aware of the...
  3. AndrewW

    Keeping the car clean in bad weather

    I’ve been planning on washing the cars today but woke up to this forecast: Does anyone have any tips on keeping the car clean when the weather isn’t good enough for a “full wash”? Or do I just wait until there’s a break in the weather later in the week.
  4. AndrewW

    DIY B8 Wireless Charger

    So since I have fitted wireless CarPlay I thought it would be a good idea to also have some form of wireless charging. There's nothing really out there that I could buy so thought I'd have a go at doing it myself, as there is a 12V socket under the armrest I went for that location. I got an...
  5. AndrewW

    Wheel Woolies?

    Does anyone use wheel woolies? Are the genuine wheel woolies worth the £50 price tag or am I better off spending £20 on a set of lesser known brand ones from Amazon?
  6. AndrewW

    10.25" Android Unit Retrofit

    Hi, Just looking at options to upgrade my MMI system. Previously when I had the Concert standard Audi system I bought a Unique AD CarPlay kit, I was very happy with this and it worked really well for the £375 I paid for it. I've now moved onto a car with MMI 3G now so the CarPlay kit from...
  7. AndrewW

    S4 Stage 2 / Stage 1+

    Hi, Had my car remapped today and just wanted to know everyone's opinions on the figures/graphs. I haven't had much chance to drive it yet as I needed to get home and the weather is terrible. I've seen cars make a lot more with seemingly similar mods but also seen Revo Stage 1+ figures which...
  8. AndrewW

    LED Replacement or new cluster?

    So, I have a single LED out on my rear right inner cluster. From what I've read this means a new cluster is required?! £70-80 on ebay seems expensive for the sake of an SMD LED but from what I gather they're sealed units and very difficult to service. Has anyone had any luck DIYing this or...
  9. AndrewW

    Help Please Avant Mud Flaps

    Hi, Does anyone know how the mud flaps are attached on the B8 avant? Need to remove some later on and want to make sure I’ve got everything I need. Thanks!
  10. AndrewW

    Ah balls - I'm a ***

    Well, I was just walking away from my car this morning and decided to take a quick photo because I thought it was looking extra nice (Ignore the shack / abandoned mazda, I park in the old lorry park near work to stop people opening their dorrs onto mine) Then on my way home I looked up, saw a...
  11. AndrewW

    "Good" B8 S4 Tune?

    Hi, I've read the file from my Audi S4 2010 (CAKA, Simos 8.4) and compared to an original I got from the internet. It's definitely been tuned but I'm not experienced enough in petrol maps to tell whether it's a good tune - Is there anyone that would be willing to take a look and let me know if...
  12. AndrewW

    Preventing upshift in manual

    I’ve heard you can prevent automatic upshift in the 7AT gearbox to make it slightly more of a manual when in manual mode. Does anyone know is this a coding change or can it only be done as part of a transmission remap? Thanks.
  13. AndrewW

    Hello from the North East

    Hi, Slightly belated hello because I missed this section! I drive a 2010 S4 Avant, extremely happy with it as an all-rounder. My girlfriend also drives an A5 so we're big Audi fans. Is there a part of the forum I can ask for recommendations for local tuners? Looking at a potential remap but...
  14. AndrewW

    Telltale signs that S4 has been remapped

    hi, As mentioned in another thread ( I have a suspicion that my S4 isn’t standard, is there anything I can do to check if it’s been remapped? I’m reasonably sure it has standard SC pulley but it’s hard to tell with the belt on...
  15. AndrewW

    Help Please 2010 S4 Slow to start / fault codes

    Hi, Since I got my S4 it's always been a bit slow to start (i'd say it needs 1 or 2 more cranks than you'd expect) but then as soon as it's going it's perfect. Because it's always been perfect after starting it hasn't really bothered me but I recently a VCDS setup so thought I'd look a bit...
  16. AndrewW

    BHP from MAF reading

    Hi, I've had my 2010 S4 since October last year (love it - best all round car I've ever had) and I've always had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't standard. Short of paying for a Dyno run (which I may still have to do...) I've been reading about ways to calculate the power from logging the...
  17. AndrewW

    Help Please B8 S4 (2010) dash lights issue

    Hi all, Got a very strange problem with my S4 2010, when the headlights are in auto mode and turn on when it’s dark enough, the dash/dial lights up as normal. If I turn the light switch all the way to dipped beam however the dash/dial lights don’t come on. Not sure if it’s related but the...