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  1. rOb_A

    Number Plates, UK legal

    I've bought a private reg and I'm now looking to order some plates. As my reg is only 5 characters long, i'd like short plates. I know these are legal as its the type font, size of font and spacing between characters that needs kept with the definitions set out by the DVLA. but I'm a bit...
  2. rOb_A

    how was AITP?

    to all that went today, how did you get on at AITP? all photo's will be much appreciated :friends:
  3. rOb_A

    Thought Id drop by to say hello

    Well, its 2 weeks since i sold my A3 BE, do still miss it so keep a reminder in the new car. some pic's for you... whats that in the corner :blush: the new car, sorry about the quality taken on my iPhone
  4. rOb_A

    A3 is going, new car coming

    Well, time has come for me to move on from my A3 BE and Audi. 5 days and i move on to pastures new. Really enjoyed the forum and the people on here :thumbsup: would like to say thanks for the help and advise i've had over my time on here. I'll be putting a few bits & bobs up for sale, i.e RS3...
  5. rOb_A

    Refitting Concert HD

    Will I need to recode my Concert HD if I re-install it,after having a RSNe in? sure i dont but thought best to ask :uhm:
  6. rOb_A

    Rotor Refurb

    Had a run-in with a kerb at the weekend, where one of my Rotors came off worst, any idea's on cost to repair? as being diamond cut. plus any recommendations who does a good job?
  7. rOb_A

    dont try this at home

    We've Landed: Daredevil Chicherit's Full MINI Backflip - YouTube
  8. rOb_A

    3sdm 0.05's

    any one fitted these ? 0.05 WHEEL / 3SDM pics would be good if you have
  9. rOb_A

    oil service

    warning has just come up, saying service in 1100 miles. the car is on a long life service, so this would just be a Oil service and it first one. any idea how much?
  10. rOb_A

    private number plate

    What are ppl's views on having a private plate? I have the chance to a great private plate for me, that i could put on any car i have but.. i think they can look a bit cr@p/tacky (sorry if i offend anyone)
  11. rOb_A

    car is pulling to the left

    noticed my car was pulling to the left, so took in alignment. had a 4 wheel alignment and it still pulls to the left. i spoke to the garage and they told me that due to changing the oem springs and dropping it, this may be the case and always pull. is this correct ? or should i take in...
  12. rOb_A

    out of bad, comes good !

    as per a previous post, i had bump a few weeks ago, all my fault :blush: this says it all
  13. rOb_A

    removing vinyl wrap

    how easy is it to remove vinyl wrap? does it leave any residue?
  14. rOb_A

    not a good day

    first proper crash i have had and it was my fault :( no one hurt so all good there.. pics say it all
  15. rOb_A

    19's will they fit

    just looking around, as I want to go to 19's on my BE. Ideally looking for Rotor's but did stumble across these, will they fit? Buy 19 Inch Dare LG2 Black Alloy Wheels | 19 inch Alloys | Dare Alloys i've had a look on the rims thread but cant see any, if anyone has fitted these, post a pic...
  16. rOb_A

    this doesn't sound good

    not sure if any of you have seen this but if did come in.... i'm moving to the land of the motor car and extra large meals! europe/brussels is a mad place Modified cars could face MOT fail | Auto Express
  17. rOb_A

    RSNE error codes

    I have had my RSNE version G scanned (thanks Amar) and have the below 2 errors which i think could be some of the cause i have for volume problems i have got. Has any one else come across these? and been able to fix them? any help would be appreciated :salute: 02005 - Coding Pin02005 - Coding...
  18. rOb_A


    have seen a post on the 8P section where a S3 in standard black has been detailed (Batch's car) and looks stunning. the car has been sealed with 22PLE, what is this stuff?
  19. rOb_A

    AITP Photo's !!

    i cant make it AITP today :sorry: so... hoping that you who do go, take loads of photo's :photo: and post them up on here over the next fews, please!! have a great day :salute:
  20. rOb_A

    Interior Door Handle LED's mod

    not much spare £££ at the moment but want to keep the modding momentum up, so i'm looking to retro fit some Interior door handle LED's. Does any have a part number for these? a picture of how they are positioned/installed would be really handy. If anyone has done this mod, any advise/tips...