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  1. Johnny Bravo

    Car sharing service in Bristol

    Hello! I'll be in Bristol next week and I would like to visit a few villages in the Cotswolds area. As far as I can tell, there is no bus which I could take to get to Castle Combe, for example so I would need a car. Is there a reliable car sharing service in Bristol which I could use? I only...
  2. Johnny Bravo

    Dyno'd the car today

    Pretty nice I'd say.
  3. Johnny Bravo

    Saint Gobain or Pilkington?

    I've managed to crack my windshield :( Threw a BlackBerry on the dashboard and somehow it first hit the glass before landing on the floor, cracking it. Now, which of the two producers should I choose for a new windshield? Pilkington or Saint-Gobain? The original is S-G but Pilkington about half...
  4. Johnny Bravo

    The remote doesn't work

    The batteries in both my car's keys have gone. Unfortunately I haven't changed them as soon as I've noticed they are about to go and now, even with new batteries, the remotes on both of them are not working. The LED on the keys are lighting red. I've tried all the procedures to recode them I...
  5. Johnny Bravo

    Which bumper is OK for S3 conversion?

    Hi! I have a Sportback A3 and I would like to change the rear bumper with an S3 one. Is any of the following the right one to buy? Even if they are not complete? 1. bara spate audi a3 2009-2012 - Okazii (114160218) 2. BARA SPATE AUDI A3 S LINE 2008 - Okazii (128963993) 3. bara spate audi a3 2011...
  6. Johnny Bravo

    Audi RS5 Inconel Valvetronic Race exhaust

    AUDI RS5 Inconel Valvetronic Race exhaust by Kline Innovation - YouTube With sound!
  7. Johnny Bravo

    Starter motor. Easy to replace?

    I have to replace my starter motor because is giving signs is about to fail. I saw one time, when the intake pipes were off the car, that it can be reached from above. Is there something else I should know or can it be removed without too much effort? My engine is the 2.0 TDI BKD.
  8. Johnny Bravo

    Any tattoo artist here?

    I have this ugly tattoo on my back. It was made in high school while... drunk. I would like to cover it with another drawing but I don't have any idea what to be. I just want it covered with something to look nicer. Can any one help with an idea, a sketch? Ugly tattoo:
  9. Johnny Bravo

    Mark forums read + other functions not working

    Hi! I keep getting an error message when trying to mark the forum read (see attached pic). This happens both on my PC and on my phone with Tapatalk. Also, I couldn't unsubscribe from a topic with Tapatalk. Classified section is very strange too. If I click on a topic to see it, when going back...
  10. Johnny Bravo

    Drill or stick?

    I just bought a roof spoiler for my sportback. It has two holes for fitting to the boot lid. This means that I should drill holes in the lid. Should I drill or I can just use some double sided sticky tape?
  11. Johnny Bravo

    8P3 side mirrors

    Hello! I'm looking for a pair of side mirrors for my A3. I know that for 8P3 there are two types, the big dumbo ones and some smaller, better looking ones. How can I tell them apart on eBay? I keep asking the sellers but they either don't know or they don't want to tell, hoping for me to buy...
  12. Johnny Bravo

    My A3 Sportback TDI

    Hello everyone! Although I'm a member of this forum since 2009, I never took the time, until now, to open a topic about my car. So... it is a MY2006 TDI with DSG, leather, BOSE, rain and light sensors, MFSW and a few other options. After owning a Astra H, the A3 seemed from another world. The...
  13. Johnny Bravo

    Kufatec adapter: Bose or NonBose?

    Hi! I've rently installed a RNSe navigation on my car and bought the necessary adapter from Kufatec. I have Bose sound system on the car. Although I've mentioned this when I've placed the order, I think the adapter is missing the Bose wire. Am I right?
  14. Johnny Bravo

    VIN request 2011-2012 A3/S3

    Hi! Anyone would care to give me a VIN from a new A3 or S3 sportback? I need one from a new car, 2011 or 2012. Thank you! PM is fine if you don't want everyone to see it.
  15. Johnny Bravo

    What is the difference between these RNS-Es?

    8P0 035 192 L8P0 035 192 S 8E0 035 192 Tand 8P0 035 193 G ??? I'm watching a few on e-bay and I don't know which one to buy.
  16. Johnny Bravo

    Will this steering wheel fit???

    Hi! I want to buy this steering wheel: Audi Multifunction Steering S-Line Flat bottom + Paddle Shift - 8K0419091 8T0419091 8U0419091 Will it work on my car? I've sent the same question to the seller but I have no answer.
  17. Johnny Bravo

    Coilovers for TDI different than for T(F)SI?

    Hello! I have the chance to buy a set of KW V2 from a friend for a very good price. His car is an A3 with the 2.0 TFSI engine, manual gearbox, mine is an A3 with the 2.0 TDI engine and DSG. Someone told me that they won't fit my car. We both have 55mm diameter dumpers an I never tougth that...
  18. Johnny Bravo

    BKN engine - any known problems?

    Hello! Is time for me to change the car. With two small children the A3 is not enough anymore. I found an A4 from 2005 with 3.0 tdi engine, quattro and manual gear box. It looks nice and soon I'll take it for a ride to see how it drives. I'm also going to take it to a mechanic to have a...
  19. Johnny Bravo

    2.0 TDI turbo upgrade - DSG weak link?

    Hi! I own a 2.0 TDI A3 with DSG6 gearbox. I have a remap from Superchips and according to the dyno the power is around 184 HP and the torque 415NM. I would like to go to the next level. Hardware upgrades. I'm thinking on installing a turbine from the 2.5 TDI engines which I understand is...
  20. Johnny Bravo

    BSH pendulum mount on TDI anyone?

    Hi! In the near future I'm gonna change the bushes of the front wheels and the bushes from the engine's rear mount. I saw that BSH has a billet and bushes and they claim that it reduces the engine's movement under heavy acceleration, improves the gear changes etc. better than the stock one...