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  1. craigpanthercrystal

    FREE S3 8V parts Free

    Standard Pre face lift S3 Grill and foam insert Standard S3 suspension springs Free to collect Yaxley - Peterborough.
  2. craigpanthercrystal

    Sold My S3 :-(

    Already regretting it but I sold my baby, She is absolutely Mint, Cheated a little with the pics as I have been scanning the web to see it for sale and found it on AT. Pics are better quality than any I ever took lol. If the new buyer reads this then please feel free to contact me if you need...
  3. craigpanthercrystal

    For Sale S3 8V parts, Racing line and OEM Grill

    Having sold my S3 8V I have these parts to sell, OEM PFL S3 Grill, no breaks or damage (not black edition) good condition - £50 Standard S3 suspension (20K miles on them) £40 Racing line R600 induction intake Racing line Turbo elbow Racing line (Black) Inlet pipe Muffler delete (not sure on...
  4. craigpanthercrystal

    For Sale Audi S3 (8V) Sportback

    2013 S3 8V sport back, Gleaming Panther Black, S Tronic, 1 previous owner. The car was on 5 year warranty then I have had comprehensive warranty since so nothing has been neglected, MOT - never even an advisory on any of them, Absolutely stunning condition, bar a couple of stone chips and one...
  5. craigpanthercrystal

    Sold a3/s3 8v phone mount

    excellent condition, £18 posted 1st class
  6. craigpanthercrystal

    For Sale A3/s3 8v phone mount

    Will add pics later Magnetic phone mount for dash. Fits between the 2 x centre vents £20 delivered
  7. craigpanthercrystal

    Wanted A4 b6/b7 avant spoiler

    As title please.
  8. craigpanthercrystal

    Wanted A3 Sline / S3 8V PFL front splitter

    Ideally Maxton in Gloss but WHY. Worth a try before I order a new one :-)
  9. craigpanthercrystal

    Wanted A3 / S3 8V rear light cluster (Off side inner unit) PFL

    ~As above but the LED type for my 2014 S3 sport back please.
  10. craigpanthercrystal

    Any advice here 2.0 CR (CAGA) welcome

    Hi All, A few weeks back I had a DPF warning after a few weeks of not getting a proper run in the Diesel wagon. This lead to the car going into Limp which lead me to get the car diagnosed to find a low temp range Turbo Exhaust temp sensor (Because the car would not do a forced regen) Anyway I...
  11. craigpanthercrystal

    Access to turbo exhaust temp sensor

    Hi All, As above, I need to replace the above sensor mounted to the turbo body and not sure which way to get to it, I need to first identify the sensor plug type to get a new part before attempting, (Where is the plug) Perhaps removing the inlet parts, or from underneath......
  12. craigpanthercrystal

    Exhaust temp sensor 1

    Hi guys. Have a dpf issue. Limp mode. Eml on and glow plug flashing. On my missus exeo (b7 but with CAGA 2.0 cr tdi) think it’s a b8 engine but for the sake of this thread it should be the same as a b7 albeit part numbers may differ. Have hooked the car up and sensor 1 showing 19c where 2 and...
  13. craigpanthercrystal

    PFL dimming DRL with indicator mod

    Can anyone point me toward the correct thread / convo on the above mod, Remember seeing something on here on how its done but I cant find anything through the search facility.
  14. craigpanthercrystal

    Wanted S3 8v res delete pipe

    As title please. Just after a cheap one to see if I like the sound as will upgrade the full system if I do. no fancy new ones please.
  15. craigpanthercrystal

    Porsche 911 Coolant cap on S3 8V

    Just incase any of you wanted to do this mod please note that even though the adverts on online say the fitting is straightforward --- well it isn't and I learnt the hard way. There is a slight difference on the locking lug which gives the "click" when fulling screwed down, this doesn't engage...
  16. craigpanthercrystal

    Another Eibach spring thread

    So Ladies and Gents, I need some help, I think I have read every Eibach suspension thread on the forum now but I'm more confused now than before..... I am hovering over the buy now for a set of Eibach Pro springs but I can help but wonder if I should go sportline. I understand that Pro's are...
  17. craigpanthercrystal

    Wanted A4 B6 / B7 avant spoiler

    as above ideally in met black
  18. craigpanthercrystal

    moving from S3 8V ??

    So Iv Wanted an RS3 since forever and went for an S3 8V as at the time I wanted an 8V and couldnt afford the RS3 8V Since owning her my head has been pointing at the RS3 8P (Which I had previously overlooked) and cant help but think that not only will it give what im missing with the S3 but may...
  19. craigpanthercrystal

    S line Avant ride height

    Hi All so my Avant is an SE and I have bought some S line springs ready to go on. however I am told my SE already has S line springs fitted by a previous owner. Could someone help with measuring the distance betwwen wheel arch lip at 12 o clock tot he centre of centre cap please. It may save me...
  20. craigpanthercrystal

    A4 TDI Avant lowering / springs

    Hi All So Im new tot he AVANT world with an SE and want to lower it on either Sline springs or similar. The car has covered 85K and the dampers seem ok but the car is so Boaty at speed. Its our Family work horse so I don't want to lower it too much or indeed spend too much £ on it (That's what...