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    Facelift 8V Brakes - Front

    Does anyone know the Allen key size for doing a brake pad change on a 2017 1.4 TFSI COD Black Edition I think it might be 7mm but just wanted to make sure before I whip the wheels off and find it’s something different and I don’t have one Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    190 TDI MPG

    Thinking of getting an A5 sport back black edition. Probably about a 19 plate Torn between the 2.0 TFSI 40 or the 2.0 TDI with 190 bhp Any idea on what the normal average MPG is on both ? I do about 10k a year but will only get 13p a mile on expenses so it makes a difference to me coming from...
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    What wheels are these ?

    Just put a deposit on a 66plate Sline and was expecting the usual silver diamond cut wheels which are as standard. However I find these anybody know what they are ? were they an option on MY17 ? I cannot seem to find much info on them any help appreciated
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    Sold Possibly - 2012 A3 8P Black Ed - Sportback 2.0Tdi 140

    Just getting a feeler and I was thinking about trading this in, however dealers are offering low ball for it and it must be worth more than they are ofering. Therefore just putting the feelers out and might sell it privately if anyone is interested at the right price for a quick sale. Details...
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    1.4 TFSI COD

    I have been running my 2017 since brand new as a company car, but I have recently took the allowance and phyiscally bought the car myself. Got 36K on it and it has been flawless in the near 4 years of driving it. However I have been bit before with Audi reliability and ended up with a 2009 oil...
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    Cambelt Kit - Gen Audi or MotorFactors/Ebay ??

    Need to get my cambelt done and been quoted £ 280 for the tensioner, belt, aux belt, water pump and G12. These are dealer parts. Went looking on ebay and spotted the cam belt kit and water pump (without the G12 and Aux belt) for aroudn £110. This was for a gates belt. The tensioner might be a...
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    Battery or Alternator ?

    Just picked my car up from a bodyshop after somebody kindly ran into my rear end. Driving home I notice the clock is 2 days out of date and assumed that they must have had the battery disconnected for some reason. Pulls over to make a phone call. Stop Start kicks in and then a few seconds...
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    049682 - Steering Wheel Control Module

    Just done a scan of my car after clearing the codes and this one keeps popping up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine (CDA) Labels: 06J-907-115-CDA.clb Part No SW: 8P7 907 115 L HW: 8P0 907 115 Q Component: 1.8l R4/4V TFSI...
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    Facelift Virtual Cockpit

    Does anyone know what the black and white hatched line is when using google earth mapping ? I have read the hand book cover to cover and found a CD rom in the wallet but I don't have a CD drive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift Parking sensor volune

    Anyone got any idea of how to increase the bleep volume when reversing. Nothing comes up on the virtual cockpit or screen but I can hardly hear the sensors bleeping Any help appreciated.
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    New Car Time

    So the time has come to order a new company car. They initially said diesels only, but with the government demonising diesels and I have to keep the car 5 years, its likely the tax rates for BIK will shoot up and you wont be able to drive it around a town centre anytime soon. So I am looking...
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    spline socket size

    anybody know what size spline tool to remove the seats out of an 8p ? anyone likely to let me borrow theirs to do the rear footwell mod ?
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    Give the old girl a bit of a machine polish

    Broke out a new DA polisher and some bits and pieces. Really happy with the results. Damn hard work though and only did half the car Really quite satisfying and never machined polished before.
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    1.8 and 2.0 tfsi vacuum

    I have a 1.8tfsi (160) which is currently undergoing the oil consumption test with Audi. They tell me that they have modded the PCV and breather arrangement for the chronic oil drinking problem it has. It I have noticed a strange think with it. When the car is idling if I remove the dipstick...
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    Decision, do I buy ?

    The company I work for are offloading a couple of old company cars and letting staff bid for them. The are usually diesel dogs with 130k plus on them which go for little money. However they are getting rid of a 2010 A3 black edition 1.8t with 60k on the clock with full Audi history (just...
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    Bluetooth - Supply and Install in North West

    As the title says really. I have just bought a black edition on a 59 plate and it does not have Btooth. Any ideas on who can Supply and install locally in NW England. Manchester preferably but willing to travel an hour so Liverpool, Leeds, Cheshire, Blackburn etc would do. Oh and it needs to be...
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    VCDS Help - Hard Start

    Got a 2010 VW GOLF GT TDI which has thrown a few codes up. All come back when cleared. I have fitted a skoda B tooth module so I think I know why the codes are coming up for the phone, however the horn, battery and heated seat all stump me as they all work. the car when left for a few days is...
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    09 Plate 8P Black Edition - VCDS Help

    So after buying the Mrs a 2010 Golf GT 3 months ago for her 40th, she now tells me she hates it and wants her old Audi back. Erm - we chopped it in love !!! So been to look at a few Black Editions and very surprised at how many dealers want to sell ex fleet dogs in my opinion which are all...
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    Chuffin Pothole

    New rotor required. Thanks to a tit of a driver who cut the corner on a small B road forcing me down a pothole the depth and length of a small valley. Just been relieved of several hundred pounds by the stealer. Lucky to be alive I think and could have been a lot worse Rant over !
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    A3 8P or Golf Mk6

    Currently looking to change the wife's 07 plate 1.9 tdi sport (highly spec'ed) with 80k on the clock. Have been having a little search around and was thinking either another A3 either 1.6 tdi / 2.0tdi or a 1.4 tsi petrol as she only does 8000 miles a year. Was also thinking of a Golf GT with...