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  1. CarrG

    S Tronic/DSG Issues??

    In lazy "D" mode it doesnt seem to be changing like it did? Hesitant, delayed and not as smooth?? Now covered 3.5k miles. The car has doee only very short journeys recently, maybe it needs a long blast? I have 7 speed dsg in a VW and its seamless. Will have to get it booked in. Have read...
  2. CarrG

    Plastic trim issues

    Door surround, B pillar surround whatever you call it. Its been changed once along with the door card! Not even two weeks later its popped off again. Any of you had this issue??
  3. CarrG


    How many of you have the stupid plastic phone dock (or whatever it is) in the armrest?? Anyone know the cost of just replacing that section of the armrest?? Cheers.
  4. CarrG

    Hello New RS3 Owner

    Hi Guys, Picked up my RS3 3rd March just done a 1000mls and its getting faster :racer: Nice selection of cars on here so thought I'd say hello :beerchug: After some build quality issues I'm now in love with it all over again. Spec: Heated Buckets, Adpt lights, Light & rain, Bose, Roof rails...
  5. CarrG

    Hello Everyone.

    Hi Guys, Joined up today after reading jonnyc build thread and seeing a few links over on SCN. Just love that car. Wish i could buy it. Nice site btw and well layed out. Cheers. :)