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  1. pburv

    S3 0-60+ 1/4 Mile

  2. pburv

    Bye Bye S3

    Hi guys. Been feeling the itch to change cars for a few months now..I have been looking at Dicovery sports but can't bring myself to buy one due to the drop in bhp on my current car.So been looking for something that ticks a few boxes and have bought a Seat Cupra Ateca in Ice Silver. I have a...
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    Christmas Avatars

    C'mon everyone. Where's your festive avatars:yahoo:
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    Q3 Safety recall

    Hi all. Just thought I would post up a little info on a safety recall notice I received in the post today.. It seems there is an issue with the front LED turn signal. If it fails then there is a possibility it won't show up with a fault on your dash also no acoustic warning given. Apparently the...
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    That's a lot of quattros
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    Another 'Tint' thread

    Hi guys n dolls. Any thoughts on fitting these over getting tints fitted? Many thanks Paul:friends:
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    Leeds shooting

    Anyone notice the police shooting on the news this morning.. Looks like the fella who got shot was driving a white F/L S3 ?? Wonder if it was anyone on here?:shrug:
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    Numpty Audi Driver!

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    Audi Driver Magazine

    Just a 'heads up' to you RS guys that Audi Driver magazine has a review of the up and coming RS saloon...:friends:
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    Technical bulletin

    Just dropped my car off at the dealers today for it's first service.. A recall was flashing up on their system.. 96E1 Software Update for Power Management... Thought you lot might be interested.. Not sure if this covers all A3 models or just bespoke to S3's ?? They also told me that they will...
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    Water damaged?.......LOL

    Saw this on the 'Trader' today which made me laugh.......:cheerful: Insurance write off maybe....:whistle2...
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    Where's Simon L ??

    As title where are you hiding @Simon L ?:search:
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    Is this any way to treat an A3?
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    Rear window de mist?

    Can anyone shed any light on why the heater strips are different on either side?
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    Sticky brakes..

    Not sure if it's been discussed before but every time there is any hint of rain the brakes on my car make an awful noise when I set off..It's quite embarrassing when people look round at my car when the rear discs release with a loud 'clunk'....What experience do you guys have ? and what do you...
  16. pburv

    Glove Box Light..

    Hi all. Could anyone tell me if your glove box light switches on if you don't have Interior Light Package.. My car is not spec'd with it. The issue I have is it doesn't light up when opened.I have checked all the bulbs just in case you Thanks....Paul:friends:
  17. pburv

    S3 Wheel Spin..

    How many of you guys experienced wheel spin in your S3's? It has happened a couple of times to me now whilst pulling out of junctions in particular... Had a few Quattro cars now and from recollection none of them gave me issues of wheel spin.. Forgive me if this has been covered in other...
  18. pburv

    Rain Sensor

    Hi All. I am in the process of retro fitting Auto Dim rear view mirror . Whilst taking the back off the existing mirror I noticed that there are wires already connected to a rain sensor on the windscreen.. The question I am asking is it just a matter of coding the car via vcds to activate auto...
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    Gap Insurance Cost?

    Hi All. Just about to 'push the button' on a Seat Leon Fr for the Missus(I know It's not an Audi...well sort of:whistle2:) Just want to know how much people are paying for Gap Insurance?(main dealer/private).. Seat are asking for £399...
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    Aux. Steering Wheel Button

    Hi All. Just found a new function tonight on my steering wheel. You can set the button on the right hand side of the steering wheel to operate a number of settings on your car Dynamic/ Auto /Comfort ect. for instance.The button in question is the one with a white star(looks like a snowflake...