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  1. DW81

    Annual polish

    Gave the car its annual polish. Used shine mates yellow foam pads and menzerna 2200 medium cut polish for a single pass single stage process. It refined quite nicely and although there are some slightly random scratches dotted here and there that I could have ago with a different combo, was...
  2. DW81

    Ulez extension Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
  3. DW81

    Surface contamination

    Hi there fellow detailing enthusiasts, have a bit of an issue I would like some advice on. OK I think one of the neighbours had done some stone grinding works recently and as a result I could feel the contamination on the cars paintwork. I not long ago polished and coated the car with bilt...
  4. DW81

    Water spots

    Hi guys, I hope all of you are well during these crazy times we live in. Not posted on this side of the forum for awhile but seeking abit of advice please. Car is coming upto 12months with the cqaurtz coating on and because the car lives outside all year round I’m looking to try a wax this time...
  5. DW81

    Stage 1 correction on rs3

    Hi there, so with the weather looking quite good this coming weekend down here in the SE I’m going to give the car a quick stage 1 machine polish with my DA’s and meguiars D300 compound. Now as this is my only car and used as a daily for months at a time and always kept outside as I don’t have a...
  6. DW81

    Tapping/knocking noise.

    Hi folks, towards the end of my commute this morning I noticed a tapping/knocking noise either coming from the back of the engine or underneath along the exhaust. This noise was only present when I come if the accelerator pedal. It’s not there when I accelerate or I’m sat still reving it. The...
  7. DW81

    Pirelli Sottozero tyre pressure

    Don’t know if this as been asked guys&girls but what pressures are you running on these winter tyres. Couldn’t find a difinitive answer so thought I would ask the question on here.
  8. DW81

    THE worlds most expensive RS3

  9. DW81

    Humour because life can be abit serious at times

    Thought I would start up a humour page as title says, don’t know if it’s been done on here so here’s my offering.
  10. DW81

    Hi from essex

    Just joined up thought I would say hi, currently own a 2015 sepang blue rs3. Incredible machine and if you haven’t already launch it you won’t be disappointed ⚡️