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  1. ianv5

    2.0 TFSI Known Oil Consumption problem - 2015 ongoing thread (2009-2011 models)

    I had the fix done on my 2010 Avant a couple of years ago. It had a Revo stage 1 map 100k on the clock and audi paid for all the work without any issues. The remap has nothing to do with the oil consumption issue your garage is trying any excuse not to do the work..Mine was done at Vindis Audi...
  2. ianv5

    Front fog light grille blocked in

    My old 2.0tfsi avant s line 2010 there is a cover that clips off the rear fog lamp grill on the nearside. If not nearside it's definitely the offside. As it is designed for cooling in warmer climates.
  3. ianv5

    S4 avant exhaust

    Try BCS back boxes cheaper than a full exhaust,and no drone
  4. ianv5

    Exhaust drone, (Now Solved)

    Bcs backboxes might help?
  5. ianv5

    S4 Avant wheel question for winter tyres.

    Check they have a good selection and are cheap .
  6. ianv5

    Rear Diffuser

    Not many available, ECS in the USA have some.
  7. ianv5

    I’m back!!!

    Alpine x701d is a good upgrade
  8. ianv5

    A4 b8 tfsi Front Fog light grill (intercooler)

    Closed off in the UK because, normally the temp in the UK is cooler than other countries and wetter. Obviously not the case at the moment. I removed mine on my 2.0 TFSI b8 as I modded the grills so they looked like rs4 front grill
  9. ianv5

    Jack Pads

    I used a ice hockey Puck and cut a groove in it.
  10. ianv5

    Creaking coming from somewhere...

    I found that when I dropped the rear seats in my S4 Avant my creaking stopped.
  11. ianv5

    Wise to go stage 2 with a DSG gearbox?

    I am running revo stage1 + with dsg remap on my S4 B8.5. Currently on 67k and had two gearbox oil changes and have had no issues in the last 2 years
  12. ianv5

    034 gearbox & engine upgrade experience

    Ditto not done mine, I do question why would you fill a void that Audi design spent years researching...
  13. ianv5

    Selling my s4........

    Like the Alcantara on the steering wheel. Where did you get it from?
  14. ianv5

    Alloy wheels

    Don't use Lkperformance! Took £1800 from me and the wheels weren't even in stock although advertised on their website and would never be in stock! Refund only after two weeks and numerous emails! Not even an apology! Avoid!
  15. ianv5

    S-Tronic Gearbox Oil Change

    Mine getting changed at Quattrotech next Thursday, will let you know how much it will cost
  16. ianv5

    New mechatronic sir? Thank God for warranty

    What year car, out of interest?
  17. ianv5

    fog light grills to match gloss Rs grill b8.5

    Hi, do you have a link to that grill with the Quattro badge below?
  18. ianv5

    Alloy wheels

    Mine has, revo stage 1+ ,CAI and Dsg map. It's mad
  19. ianv5

    Alloy wheels

    Friend of mine had white s4 with same wheels and springs
  20. ianv5

    Alloy wheels

    Yes, Eibach Sport springs 30mm drop, so 10mm lower than standard.