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    2023 A6 Facelift Spotted Testing

    Autocar is showing pictures of what is assumed to be the facelifted A6 Externally it looks to be minor and given that the current car has already migrated from MIB-2 (at launch) to MIB-3 for the...
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    Audi Connect Database Download

    When I drove the car earlier had the globe symbol pop up the MMI screen. Clicked on it and it said it was downloading an Audi Connect Database. No idea what this is or whether I will notice any difference once it is finished and installed
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    Unable to use address from contacts as destination

    I realise this probably illustrates how little I have used the since getting it 4 months ago. I went to use a destination address from my phone contacts earlier and whilst the address was there when I selected it to be the destination I got a message saying it could not read it (or similar). On...
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    Connecting 2 Phones

    On my 2019 C8 with MIB-2 and standard MMI I was able to connect 2 phones simultaneously and both phones would automatically connect each time I was in the car with both phones, I would get a pop up on the upper MMI screen telling me they were connecting and what features were activated. On my...
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    Return to the green pump

    Just been to collect my new A6 Avant 40 TFSi Sport to replace my 40TDi Sport. It is in Vesuvius Grey, hard to tell from black to be honest and probably why Audi has just dropped it from their options. Will post in a few days about differences both from a 2019 to 2021 spec perspective and also...
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    40TFSi A6 Avant Ordered

    Totally unexpectedly I have ordered a 40TFSi Avant to replace my 40TDi. The dealer approached me over the weekend with a deal, which when factored in with the 3 months of no payments on offer from Audi for cars ordered by end of April and the value of Car Tax refund I will get on part exchanging...
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    A6 Allroad

    For those interested the A6 Allroad is now in the configurator on Only available "Sport" specification and with 2 diesel engine options 45 (231ps) and 50 (286ps)
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    Key Battery

    So I have had the car 6 weeks and this weekend the remote on the key I use day to day stopped working. Having unlocked the car, using my phone, it would not allow me to start the car, even when I placed the key on the area in the armrest. Seen on other forums reports of short battery life with...
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    AMI Issues on Facelift Cars with RMC MMI

    I posted this on another forum but wanted to spread the net as wide as possible. In a post on that forum a member raised a question regarding issues with an iPhone 6+ using AMI on his facelift car with the RMC MMI navigation. As I rarely use the AMI function and when I had I did not have the...
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    New A6 Ultra Avant SE

    Finally got my Tornado Grey Ultra SE Avant. Car is fantastic (photos below) and although there are only small changes from my previous C7 SE Avant (2012), it just seems a little better. Didn't realise that Audi had changed the screen washers to fan from 3 jets as part of the facelift, also the...
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    Another vote for a dedicated C7 sub-Forum

    Just back from the dealer and signing all the paperwork so I can take delivery of my C7 Avant on Friday. Car is a 2.0TDi SE in Ice Silver with AMI as the only option. Saw it whilst at the dealer and it looks fantastic Hadn't really planned to buy a new car but was invited to a Closed Event a...
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    2011 Navigation Software Version

    Could someone with a late C6 with the DVD based Sat Nav (or who has the 2011 DVD) have a look and see what the version number of the navigation data is please. You can get this by going into Setup followed by Settings (top right button), then select Version Information and the MMI Software and...
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    Question for anyone using 2009 MMI Navigation DVD

    If you have an A6 and are using the 2009 MMI DVD Navigation disk could you please look at my post on the A6 forum Many thanks
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    Question for anyone using the 2009 MMI Navigation DVD

    I have discovered that I am unable to select street level destinations in a large part of London using either Postcodes or location name. Would be interested to know if this specific to my car or more widespread. If you are using the 2009 Navigation DVD (my A6 was bought new in June 2009)...
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    2010 A6 Clock not keeping time

    The clock on my A6 seems to be gaining about 1 minute every couple of weeks or so which whilst not serious is irritating, Before I head off to the dealer to get it looked at does anyone know if this is something that can be corrected with a simple adjustment or will it require more radical...