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  1. bigrich690

    New shoes

    So to start things off I had a puncture over the weekend on my NS rear tyre, was the best tyre on the car too I may add, too close the the wall to repair too so that's a scrapper! So the spare wheel came out and went on :( Guess what! The front OS has gone too this after noon, so I said sod it...
  2. bigrich690

    Winter wheels

    Thought id share a few pics of my winter wheels i put on this weekend, they are A5 wheels, wasnt too sure if theyd go on and fit well as they are ET29 and they're 8.5J wide and my car is lowered but they went on like a dream and sit beautifully in the arches, did have to go for a bit of stretch...
  3. bigrich690

    Audi in the park

    was a good day!
  4. bigrich690

    fueled society

    Just been informed about the fueled society event in wakefield sound like a decent event. I know ill be going, will you? Date is sunday 15th july, hope you can make it?
  5. bigrich690

    A few pics for show :)

    Havent posted any pics in a while and i've had a few more changes since the last post..... Had the BBS's sprayed gloss black (need to keep them clean all the time) and had to get new tyres fitted, gone for some stretch so on 215/35/19, they are like rubber bands lol. Also installed...
  6. bigrich690

    Mine at early edition

    Watch out for mine at early edition at Northampton
  7. bigrich690

    Spotted S3 black garforth, leeds

    You flashed as you were approaching me, gave you the thumbs up in my silver A4
  8. bigrich690

    Oh my god! I'm famous

    Was doing a google search on the web to find a picture of my car in google images (no big deal, seen it happen before, forums!) but when I clicked the link it went to nicks car blog in America, who I did a write up on the RS6 grill retrofit mod as I thought it would suit the states not needing...
  9. bigrich690

    Mine at Elsecar today

    If any of you are at Elsecar today, come say hello, mine the silver a4 inside :)
  10. bigrich690

    Where are you Yorkshire lot?

    Wheres all the Yorkshire boys at? I'd like to meet some members and see some audi's! Any chance we could sort out a get together somewhere within the Yorkshire area, I'm from west Yorkshire (Leeds) but would meet anywhere really so long as we get a few cars together? Anyone else down? If so then...
  11. bigrich690

    Carbon wrapped (not roof......yet)

    Fancied having ago with some carbon wrap, and this is the result........ .........quick one from last night on the car (minus the number plate)......... ......some this AM at work........ .........hope you like :)
  12. bigrich690

    Dub meets squires cafe sherburn in elmet every first Thursday of the month

    Hey guys squires cafe bar in sherburn have hosted dub evens for a few years now on the first Thursday of every month and thought I'd let any of the local (or outsiders) know about it, there is always more VWs there and was hoping to get a few more audi's to come, I'm always there without fail so...
  13. bigrich690

    Reverse parking sensor problem

    When I bought my car it had reverse parking sensors on but never worked, I was wondering if there was a common fault with these and if there was an easy fix or at least somewhere to start looking before getting expensive, they make a long beep sound at the moment when you put it into reverse...
  14. bigrich690

    A few from the weekend

    Had a clean of the car and took a few pics of mine with my mates GTI anniversary.... .....and a couple with my mates cupra R...... Hope you likey :meeting:
  15. bigrich690

    Audi phone question

    When I bought my Audi it had these wires and brackets fitted to it, are they the originals for a phone bracket and if so what phone is it comparable with? Cheers, rich
  16. bigrich690

    More toys!

    So i saw a set of these for sale on ebay and made an offer he couldn't refuse..... .....just a few disadvantages, they are ET50, they were off an S3 so i bought some cheap 10mm spacers on my way home but they were dog ****e, so not bothered with them, will buy some better ones next week...
  17. bigrich690

    Look what just arrived.......

    ......My new project, RS6 grill :) Im hoping to make a start on the project tomorrow, if not then it will be next week as im on a stag do this weekend, keep watching.........
  18. bigrich690

    Update my centre radio to Nav plus

    At the moment i have a standard audi concert cd player the single type one (see picture 1) but i want the large sat nav unit (see picture 2) to replace it, can i install it? if so how? ie do i need to buy a new heater unit so this will all fit?
  19. bigrich690

    A few on the new ap coilovers

    Thought i'd give her a wash in this subzero weather with the new AP coilovers that i just fitted last weekend, she's sat all the way down at the back about -70mm on 18" ET35 235/40 RS4 Reps and need to wind the front down about another 10mm Furure plans, wrap roof black or...
  20. bigrich690

    Newbie with an A4

    Hello to you all, i am a newbie with an audi A4 2.0 TDi (140) saloon, hope this forum is good and hope to meet some new friends :)