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  1. DickoB8

    Fuel tank sizes on the 2.0 TDI?

    Slightly curious..... Did the A6 come with fuel tank size options on the 2.0 TDI? Regards
  2. DickoB8

    Dicko’s Black Edition Avant

    Took the plunge a few weeks back and bought a Black Edition Avant a car I’ve wanted every since we had our 1st little one. Last car was a A4 Avant S Line B8 which was highly specced so finding a replacement car of a similar spec took some doing. After what it seemed like months looking for a car...
  3. DickoB8

    Anyone running a shorter rear number plate?

    Just on with ordering some new reg plates to put our private plate on the A6. I’m considering running a shorter plate on the rear with our reg having 6 characters. If you run a smaller one on the rear could you please post a picture and let me know how you attached the plate. Thanks Nick...
  4. DickoB8

    Luggage tensioning strap not there?

    Our newly purchased Avant doesn’t have the luggage tensioning strap to the left of the boot but has the holes and clip in place and I see where it would come out of. Was it an optional extra or is it a case of it’s probably previously been snapped? Nick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. DickoB8

    Sold Genuine Audi A4 Avant (B8) Roof Bars

    Part No 8K9 071 151 B I have for sale some genuine Audi A4 Avant roof bars complete with torq fitting tool, instructions, all end caps present and rubber strips uncut and still in the original box. I bought them before lockdown for me to fit a bike carrier which never actually happened, I test...
  6. DickoB8

    Avant with factory mudguards fitted

    After months of searching finally found a Black edition with high spec which we’ve left a deposit on should be a nice step up from our current B8 A4 especially now we’ve had our 2nd child. I’m considering fitting some of the factory mudguards to help with protection from stones and general...
  7. DickoB8

    Wanted (C7) A6 Avant Black Edition may also consider an S Line

    Hi, I’m after a C7 A6 Avant Black Edition ideally with sensible miles and good spec. If it has full leather seats they must be heated as that’s a deal breaker for me :) I may also consider a well specced S Line Avant. Drop me a message if your looking to sell yours, Regards Nick
  8. DickoB8

    For Sale Genuine A4 Avant (B8) Heavy Duty Boot Liner (Brand New)

    Genuine Audi heavy duty boot liner for the B8/B8.5 Avant unused just been stored away. Ideal for protecting the boot with dogs, prams etc I’m looking for £80 (collection only) Based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Regards Nick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. DickoB8

    Sold B8 2010 Audi A4 Avant S Line Executive 170 *High Spec & Low Mileage*

    The spec is as follows: 2010 Audi A4 S Line Executive 2.0 TDI 170bhp Manual. (Unusual most are 140bhp) Previous Owners: 1 Colour: Ibis White Mileage: 67000 (still in use so will rise slightly) MOT: March 2021 (just passed with no advisories) Spec & Extras include: *Full Black Milano leather...
  10. DickoB8

    Wanted B8 A4 Avant Roof Bars & Bike Mounts

    Looking for some Genuine Audi or Thule roof bars for my Avant also a bike mount to go with them. Closer to North Yorkshire the better for collection. If you have any of the above for sale please drop me a PM. Thanks Nick
  11. DickoB8

    Front wheel bearing replacement

    My front passenger wheel is on its way out and causing a nice whirring noise. Does anybody know who makes the Genuine Audi wheel bearings? Going offline from older threads it’s possibly “FAG” alternatively has anybody purchased a genuine wheel bearing recently for a rough idea on price? Thanks...
  12. DickoB8

    Allroad Sport Alloys (8x19 ET26)

    Hi, I’ve always liked the look of the Allroad sport alloys from the B8 shape. Obviously the Allroad has the wider arches so the offset is lower on the wheel, could anybody who has fitted a similar spec wheel tell me how much clearance you have regarding the arch? My B8 is currently running the...
  13. DickoB8

    Anyone fitted a Audi Sport number plate holder?

    I keep seeing other Audi’s with the sport plate holder fitted and keep been tempted to buy one mainly for the rear of my Avant. Has anybody fitted one to their B8? If so could could you be so kind to post a picture up ;) Thanks
  14. DickoB8

    Pictures of mudguards fitted

    Hi, I’m considering fitting the factory mudguards to my S Line Avant to help with protection, I’ve seen a couple on my travels with them fitted and think the front ones look good but unsure on the rear ones? It’s possibly the S line bumper which makes them sit funny or possibly how they have...
  15. DickoB8

    Are B8.5 front wings a direct fit on the B8?

    As above are B8.5 and B8 wings the same? Or are they a slightly different shape and require the B8.5 headlights and front bumper to fit the B8? Thanks in advance, Nick
  16. DickoB8

    Shortened Rear Number Plate Pic Request

    We have just bought a private reg for our B8 which is 6 characters so I’m wanting to fit a slightly shorter rear plate as the B8 recess is perfect for this and the other model avants I’ve seen it tidies up the back end nicely! Does anybody have any pictures of their car with a shorter plate...
  17. DickoB8

    Fitting B8.5 Arch Stone Guards on B8

    I’ve touched in a few stone chips I had on the front inner arch of my B8 and looking online Audi fitted some guards on the B8.5 to prevent the damage. Has anyone with a Pre facelift B8 fitted them? If so how did you do it? I’m hoping it’s just as simple as double sided tape and no drilling is...
  18. DickoB8

    Dead LED in rear light

    I have a dead LED in my drivers side rear light which is sending my OCD nuts! Reading online it’s not a simple fix and a new inner light part is needed. Before I head to the dealers does anyone have a link to a reasonably priced one? It seems to be a common thing on the B8’s so hoping someone...
  19. DickoB8

    Genuine Audi heavy duty or semi rigid boot liner pics?

    Hi, Does anyone have a photo of either the Genuine Audi heavy duty or semi rigid boot liners fitted in their Avant? I’m needing a liner which can take the constant abuse of a pram. To cut a long story short I had a Carbox liner (apparently the leaders in boot liners) but ever since I...
  20. DickoB8

    DickoB8’s 2.0 TDI S Line Avant Build Thread

    Hi there I picked up my Ibis White B8 Avant 2.0 TDI 170 S Line Executive the other month it’s a nice upgrade from my previous Seat Exeo ST (Snidey A4 B7). The Exeo had the 140bhp engine so the A4 is a nice power increase but still economical enough. I’ve always being into German cars previously...