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  1. Steven87

    8Y S3 exhaust tips

    Has anyone been anal enough to remove their exhaust tips for cleaning/upgrade purposes yet? I'm looking to find out the internal diameter and whether or not they'd be a straight swap on to an 8V S3.
  2. Steven87

    8Y S3 exhaust tips

    Does anybody know if the 8Y exhaust tips would be a straight swap onto the 8V?
  3. Steven87

    7 speed S-Tronic service

    Does anyone know what the service interval is on the facelift 7 speed gearbox? I'm getting conflicting opinions of 40k and 80k miles.....
  4. Steven87

    MMI access phone contacts

    I'm having issues accessing phone contacts on the mmi. My personal phone is an S8 which works 100% fine. I had an old samsung flip phone as my work phone which worked fine with previous cars but simply refuses to connect to the Audi. I've replaced it with the new retro Nokia 3310 which...
  5. Steven87

    android auto stopped working

    android auto has worked reasonably well since I got my S3 in Jan 2017. I sometime had to unplug and plug back in the phone a couple of times for it to launch but was generally ok once running. Now its disappeared completely, I have the app on my phone but i've tried plugging it in repeatedly...
  6. Steven87

    S3 First Service Options

    My S3 is telling me its due its first service (oil change I believe) in 1100 miles. I see my options as follows: Book the car in at Audi as instructed like a good boy - can anyone shed any light on how much this will cost? Book the car in at an independent - what would be required in order to...
  7. Steven87

    lost a fight with a big kerb - side skirt required

    As the title suggests I had an altercation with a big nasty kerb and it won. I'll grace you with pictures when I get a chance to at home or if there's an easy way via mobile please enlighten me. I haven't had it looked at yet for repair but a new skirt will be required. My car is a facelift...
  8. Steven87

    S3 Servicing

    I've seen a couple of posts on here mentioning service packages for x number of years/services being negotiated at the time of sale. I asked about this when I bought my car but was told they weren't available on 'S' models. Has anyone managed to secure a package on their S3? I'm also torn...
  9. Steven87

    new member

    Picked up my new toy on Thursday last week, I previously had an ASBO orange Focus ST. The Audi is my first brand new car, my friend is a detailer so I convinced Audi to pay for a new car treatment then put some cash towards it to get a Gtechniq ceramic coating as well as other Gtechniq...