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  1. a3glenn

    audi ttrs brakes on my a3 tdi

    Just thought I would show picture of my bigger brakes, really pleased how they look and feel on the road. was not hard to fit, just needed 10mm spacers and a different banjo bolt on the standard flexy hose. Oh and to move the wheel weights over 1cm.
  2. a3glenn

    audi a3 side skirts

    hi just a quick question, is there such a thing as s-line side skirts or is there only s3 side skirts cheers
  3. a3glenn

    s3 side skirts

    hi will start post as so many do buy saying that they have been searching and cant find what they are looking for, I REALLY CANT FIND WHAT IM LOOKING FOR! i am trying to find the part numbers for the 3dr s3 side skirts, i can find lots for the sportback but none for the 3dr the only reason...
  4. a3glenn


    hey peoples :) im gonna have a look at ace-cafe tomorrow evening (26.03.2013) is anyone else fancying a cup of tea!
  5. a3glenn

    lowering springs

    good evening people quick question, does anyone have any lowering springs they want to sell, really just want front(50-55mm) 2003 bkd 2wd non dsg also would anyone no if i have 50mm or 55mm strut size????? many thanks
  6. a3glenn

    headlamp swap, a little help please :)

    evening all i hope that someone can help me, im about to start a face lift from 2003 to 2011, i have all the parts and just double checking before i take the car apart that no stone is not unturned, i am changing the headlamps to the 2009 onwards (but not going for the led one's) so no xenon...
  7. a3glenn

    19" wheels, what do we think

    hey, starting to put some mod's to my a3, today i fitted my new wheels, been waiting since way before christmas (will need to google the name) i have tried to keep them as factory as i can lol, i have seen a set on the new a1 which are alike i also am about to start a 2011 front end (have...
  8. a3glenn

    2008 front end wings?????

    need your help audi experts :) was looking at taking the audi a3 2004 -2008/9 front end change, so i dipped my toes in (x2 of them) understand that you change bonnet headlights bumper...
  9. a3glenn

    Is there any way of knowing which duel mass flywheel you have

    hey well i seem to have a dmf going on my a3, just phoned audi and they cant tell me if it has a LUK or SASHES. Is there any spy hole or way of knowing which one is fitted? if it has a sashes, can i fit a LUK dmf plus clutch my a3 is a 53reg 2l tdi BKD 140bhp and has done 148k. no record of...
  10. a3glenn

    audi a2 1.4 petrol hot starting

    hi this is a request by my sister who has a audi a2 1.4 petrol the probem is and im sure most other a2 owners have come accross this is, when you start the car from cold it is fine, but after a short drive of about 20 min it is a real pain to start, i have read lots on the inernet of people...
  11. a3glenn

    A3 S3 Meet Up

    hello, just thoght i would get the ball rolling, does anybody have a idea or plan to where to meet, met up about a year ago at lakeside, which was good. be good to put a face to the cars cheers :)
  12. a3glenn

    a couple of pictures of my little A3

    hello, been on AUDI-SPORT.NET for a while now and enjoyed veiwing everyone elses a3, (so many good a3's) it has taken me a long time to learn how to upload pics to thread lol ok my A3 is crystal blue, it is the 140bhp tdi, it has done 144000 miles BUT you would never know i have...
  13. a3glenn

    whats the thought on my A3

    been on audi sport net a while, just thought i would upload some photos of my a3, im trying to mod it to be sporty but keep it factory looking, its a A3 not a saxo lol so far i have lowered it, added 18" wheels, s-line lower front splitter, added fog lamps, +hid lights im sill on the early...
  14. a3glenn

    How many miles does your A3 have? (and any problems along the way)

    just thought it would be interesting to know how many miles peoples A3's and if you have had any trouble. mine is a 53 plate 2l tdi (140bhp) with 127000 on the clock, would have to say it still drives like a new car. faults i have had in the last year and a half that i have owned it EGR...