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    Cracked tyres, 26 months old/6k

    What’s your thought on these?
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    Does my car have mag ride?

    Why don't you look in front page of the owners manual or under the boot carpet for the order label and put the codes into the below site to check the build.
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    Facelift Picked up my RS3 today, come from an RS6.. Splitters..

    I'm a big fan of the virtual cockpit... Never used one, well impressed. The central rev counter in manual mode with the shift indicators is fab..
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    Facelift Picked up my RS3 today, come from an RS6.. Splitters..

    Sorry didn't see that anyone had replied.. Thanks for the comments.. Yes its Daytona Grey.. Thanks for the info on the splitter, i've heard some quality issues on the Maxton version.. Is the gloss black ok? I know what you mean about the dark colour with the black pack.. for example a...
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    Facelift Picked up my RS3 today, come from an RS6.. Splitters..

    Picked up my FL today.. Really pleased with it.. I'll take some more pictures tomorrow. I sold a C7 RS6 late last year, the Rs3 seems more agile and nearly as fast. Love the way an RS sits on the road and feels so planted. Splitters... Due to the dark colour of the car and black pack the...
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    Rs3 to B7 Rs4 - anyone done it ?

    S4 TFSI has come into play also but I think I'd like to stick with an RS. The V8 is a stunning sound track.
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    Rs3 to B7 Rs4 - anyone done it ?

    Hi Guys Looking to get into something cheaper/bigger. Not long moved into a house that needs a lot of money spending on it. Has anyone come from or moved to a B7 Rs4? Would be interested to hear your comments. Cheers Dave.
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    RS3 insurance...

    £311 from Tesco's for me (32) and the wife (28) .. Result!
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    Chris Harris at it again...................

    Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG (13 on) A45 5d 4Matic - MPG, Dimensions & Performance | Parkers 40 mpg!!! I'll just put that out there!
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sports taking the RS3 from great to truly gripping

    I swear I see the traction control light on lots more now I have the Super Sports fitted, put nearly 1500 miles on them now.
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    Exhaust Tips Corrosion - Anyone suffering the same?

    Washed the RS today. Got the wire wool out and metal polish. Rubbed and rubbed until my fingers were nearly bleeding.. I just couldn't get them to come good. They almost look pitted in placed. Cars only done 12k.
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    Is your RS3 getting faster?

    So mines just clocked over 11,000 miles. I swear recently its feeling noticeably faster. I'm not sure if its a combination of new tyres, cat bypass pipe (more noise), and warmer weather. Anyone else's feeling faster now with a few miles on the clock? On another plus note the fuel light...
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    It sounds like the guy got away with a caution as it was his first offence. Wrong.. Assaulted - Birmingham Cyclist
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    So I'm a bit of a keen cyclist.. (Hello Haters!). So Sunday afternoon and I'm sat on YouTube watching other poor cyclists nearly getting knocked off their bikes when I came across this...
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    How many of you buy these on finance?

    My quick view on this... 40k depreciating asset. Mr A goes in and spends his 40k hard earnt savings on his dream RS3. Mr B also buys the same car but he puts it on finance for 4 years with a 4k deposit (with a guaranteed value of 19k after 4 years) and leaves 36k I the bank. The savings Mr A...
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    Tough choice RS3 to RS5 ? Opinions?

    Hmmm I know a car that doesn't fit to that rule. Mk5 R32 Golf - £460 a year to tax, not better than an RS3 which is cheaper to tax.
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    Tough choice RS3 to RS5 ? Opinions?

    You know my thoughts.. But then again a change is as good as a rest.. Is the tax more on the RS5? More fuel? bigger tyres? More insurance? Just thinking of the added expense.
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    Security for the RS3

    Its always a concern but heres my advice and view.. If they want it they will do there best to try and get it.. I agree lets not make that easy for them just make sure you and your family are well out of the way. By this I mean don't hide the keys, leave them in a position where they are not...
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    RS3 servicing - Berkshire & Bucks area

    Speak to Southampton Audi, my first service was £201...
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sports taking the RS3 from great to truly gripping

    With regards to pressures. The below should be of interest. @MichelinTyres: @knobbby Unladen pressures are 41 front and 39 rear. Fully laden are 44 front and 45 rear.