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  1. Xmay4444

    What mileage do you get on a set of tyres?

    Well, after nearly 3 years and 30,000 miles, I just fitted a new set of 4 Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres at a cost of £540. It hurt to pay that much money but I reckon 30,000 miles is not bad on a quattro.
  2. Xmay4444

    Air Filter Change

    Hi guys, Can anyone point me in the direction of a write up on how to change an air filter please? Cheers T
  3. Xmay4444

    Loss of Power, engine died now wont restart!

    I need help guys!!! Last night I was at the end of a run from Chelmsford to Heathrow (about 75 miles), and as I came off the M4, my engine just lost power! No warning lights or noises. The car came to a halt but would not restart. I got the RAC out but they could not connect or read anything...
  4. Xmay4444

    Parrot MKi9200

    Finally got my parrot kit that i got at Christmas fitted.:) I initially wanted to go down the Phatbox route, but after much ummming & ahhhhing, I decided to go for the Parrot after seeing the MKi9100 in a colleagues car. I also did'nt fancy getting 3 points for using my phone while diving, (good...
  5. Xmay4444

    Coil Pack Maybe?

    On my way to work early yesterday, filled up the car and was doing about 30ish when the engined starts to cough and splutter. From reading posts on here I'm hoping its just a coil pack so I've got a new one from my local dealer. My question now is, can I fit it without having to clear any fault...
  6. Xmay4444

    Auto Locking Doors

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me with this issue? I'm looking to activate the auto door locking feature on my car as I keep forgeting to lock the boot when I drive off. I notmally carry a laptop and other stuff in the boot and have recently been told of how someone saw a thief open the boot of a car...
  7. Xmay4444

    Is that a Jet or my fans?!!

    I need help guys. Started my car this morning, from cold I might add, and after about 2 minutes there's this awful noise like an airplane. I'm like :wtf: is that?!! I actually looked out the moonroof to see if there was a low flying jet above me only to find out it was coming from my front end...
  8. Xmay4444

    Another Idiot on the rampage
  9. Xmay4444

    New Audi £99 Service

    For those of you who are on Audi's variable service, be warned. If you go for the £99 or £199 service, you will be put on onto the yearly service schedule. I took mine in and was asked if I wanted to have the £99 service, I said yes. What they failed to tell me, (they dispute this by the way)...
  10. Xmay4444

    Bulb error after HID attempt

    HI all, I really need some help/advice. I just tried to fit a HID kit and got it working but my front left indicator did not work and I got a bulb out warning on the DIS. So I took it out and replaced it with the original stuff, but the bulb still wont work and the warning is still...
  11. Xmay4444

    Dont you wish you could do this sometimes?

    You know those times when some idiot just wont back off you for some little issue? Appologies if you've seen it before or it's been posted before
  12. Xmay4444

    Aero Wipers again

    Is it normal for both Aero wipers to 'go' suddenly and at the same time? I used my wipers last a couple of days ago and they were fine. I put them on last night as i was about to head out and both were making that horrible rubbery noise and jumping all over the screen. Driving through the rain...
  13. Xmay4444

    Free MoT from Audi

    Hi guys, has any one taken Audi up on their offer of a free MoT? :think:
  14. Xmay4444


    IMHO I think it would be beneficial for us newbies to have a glossary as a sticky thread. I see guys talking about dump valves, coil packs, RNSE and what not, but don't know what they do or how they would be of benefit. This would even be better if the pro's and con's of different makes were...
  15. Xmay4444

    Thirsty 1.8 quattro

    Hi guys, got a bit of a problem here. Just purchased my second 1.8T and I think it's drinking like a fish! My first was a 2001 b6(150) T sport and i could get around 412 mls on a full 70L tank around town and a bit of motorway. My new one is a 190 [6] quattro S-Line and i'm on my first full tank...
  16. Xmay4444

    New Member

    Hi there, just joined your forum and was really impressed by some of the pictures of members' cars, (reason i decided to join). I'm on my second (of hopefully many) A4 and i have had it now for 2 weeks and i'm loving it! :yahoo: I hope to have it looking like some of the fine examples you guys...