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    CRD-t DTUK Tuning box removal

    Hi, I just wanted to let everyone who is thinking about how easy these boxes are to fit and subsequently remove know how easy it really is............It took me about 5 mins to fit the tuning box via the two connectors to my A4 3.0tdi 245bhp last year ( and most of that was for the turbo sensor...
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    Changing S-tronic T-Bar selector for round S-Tronic one ?

    Has anyone here done this mod ? The standard T shaped gear selector bar for the S-Tronic gearlever is awful, and the round one fitted to some other models in Audi's range, with the front push button release looks SOOOOOOOO much better. I have read around and it seems like some guys overseas...
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    New 3.0tdi glow plug light flashing ??

    Hi all, Just finished a great two week break in Cornwall, which involved lots of driving with the car behaving perfectly.....then on the way back, I was cruising between 70-80 mph when the power dropped and the engine management system light started flashing !! Stopped in a lay-by, switched...
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    Better mpg the faster I go !!

    As the title says, after fitting the tuning box on my 3.0tdi 245, the performance has markedly livened up and if I cruise at 70mph I get 45mpg, but when I cruise between 80/85 mph ( sorry officer ), I get 48mpg.....Talk about Win/Win !!
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    DTUK box fitted

    Just fitted the DTUK box to my A4 3.0tdi Quattro 245 BE. I was expecting a decent increase in performance, but to be honest I am really impressed with the change. I've tried lots of the maps available, but Map 2 + 2 seems to work best for me, and gives performance which is quite frankly...
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    It's Arrived......3.0 Tdi Quattro BE

    Picked her up on Friday and she was detailed the following day....really pleased with it and now it has been run in, I need to get one of ABYSS' tuning boxes on there so I can surprise a few people :w00t:
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    MMI Cable in new car

    Am I right in saying my new car should have the lead for the MMI included ?....Please don't tell me I have to buy it myself !!
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    Nice Surprise

    Dropped in to the dealer today to sort out the finance, to be told the car which I expected in July is in the UK and will be ready for me to collect on Thursday !!! Chuffed....goodbye S3 and hello A4 3.0tdi quattro S-tronic BE Saloon..:yum:
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    RS3 Alloys and Eibach Pro Kit Springs

    Hi folks, Well, I have ordered an A4 so I guess the S3 needs to go back to standard before going back to the dealer.....consequently, I need to do the following : Genuine RS3 Alloys and Goodyear Assy 2 tyres ( all with 5mm left ) - Straight swap for OE 18 inch BE Rotor's with good tyres in the...
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    Which ipod ?

    I have a new A4 B8 with Technology pack arriving, but I want to stop using my i-phone for music and just buy an ipod to leave permanently connected. Can someone please recommend the best type of ipod to get in order to do this ( Nano, Classic, Touch etc ) so that I can retain all of the...
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    S3 8P to A4 3.0TDI 245 B/Edition quattro saloon

    Hi all, Moved from a B8 S4 ( best car I ever owned ) to an 8P S3 18 months ago, but i've now got a new job which involves driving to and from work each day, equating to approx. 20,000 miles per year. Consequently, the S3 has to go for something more economical and a bit bigger ( for clients )...
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    May be leaving the 8P forum

    Just got a job which means lots of mileage and a company car so may be selling the S3....keep your eyes peeled in the Classified section for a mint 18mth old Phantom Black S3 with genuine RS3 alloys and Eibach pro-kit springs along with Shark Stg1 off to stealers to look at...
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    A3 Saloon launched March 27th ?

    Just seen a link on Facebook to a video from Audi with a sneak preview of a new car they are launching next week which is under cover but is definately the A3 saloon. Cant post the link on here ( or rather I dont know how to ), but it is on the Facebook 'RS3 2014' page !!
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    Brilliant RS3 video with Michelle Mouton

    Great video/commercial here for the RS3 that I ran across today...... Enjoy !! Audi RS3: Fast Driving in Monte-Carlo with Michèle Mouton - YouTube
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    RS3 seats and seat height

    Currently own a 2010 S3 SB with OE seats, but would love an RS3, however the seats in my S3 are awful, which could be a bit of a the RS3 standard seats or the buckets any more comfortable, and almost more importantly are they any lower than the OE S3 seats, as to...
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    How to sort the rear suspension on my S3 ?

    My 2011 S3 s/back has the Eibach sportline front springs and I run RS3 19' alloys and tyres, but I have noticed a couple of times that if I am really pressing on around a bend, the rear seems to almost 'slew' sidewards....almost feels like it is trying to rear-wheel steer. The tyres are the...
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    A44 tyres in Worcester

    Had this place recommended to me by Mike ( mjr901 ) and i'm really pleased he told me about it ( thanks mate ). I've been to more tyre depot's than I care to remember over the years , but this place really is a cut above the rest.....the staff are knowledgeable, polite, friendly and efficient...
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    Resetting ECU to Standard for dealer visits - Poll

    Hi, Just wondered how many of you with remaps bother to reset the map to standard before a trip to the dealers......Currently I always return mine to the standard map, but i'm sure it isn't always necessary so it would be interesting to see what everyone else does....
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    Xenon headlights dipped beam adjustment

    Mornin' all, I drove the S3 in the dark for the first time last night since it had the Eibach front lowering springs fitted, and the dipped beam is definately set too low now, and lower than it was before the spring change which would make sense I guess. I thought the Auto-Levelling would...
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    Customised my floor mats !!

    I've been looking around for some decent custom car mats for the S3, but they all seem to be a bit naff, and it would be a shame to waste the OE ones, so I had a go myself. Managed to trim a section of the carpet by pulling out the carpet until I was left with the base of the mat, then used a...