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    Wanted Wanted - Audi S3 8v 2018 silver front grill

    Cash waiting. Thanks
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    Facelift S3 number 4 on its way!!

    Just ordered my 4th S3, a Daytona grey sportback. My first of the new shape, having had 2 mk1's, 1 8P and now this. All others have been 3 door so this will be a nice change. Can't wait for it to arrive, although it will be the usual 3 months I guess!! Roll on December lol!
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    Facelift Audi stopping production of 3dr hatchback??

    Hi Anyone heard this? In the process of ordering a new S3 and the dealer is telling me that Audi are looking to stop production of 3 door hatchbacks? If I want a 3 Door then I need to get the order in quick and the price will be inflated to discourage it. Anyone know anything about this...
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    Milltek connecting pipe - cat back to oem cat?

    Hi Guys, Ive bought a second hand cat back milltek (non res) and tried fitting it onto my oem system, but looks like I need some sort of reducer? The milltek centre section is too big to mate to the standard cat. Anyone know what part I need? Thanks Rich.
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    White S3 8P in skewen, Neath. ML51 xxx

    Very nice motor!
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    Ming blue s3 on m5 -s3 1em*

    Spotted u heading towards Exeter today around 1:45. Nice motor! Shame about the bumper!
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    White s-line SP09 *** today on m5

    Was behind u for a while on the m5 towards Exeter way. I was in a silver mk4 golf. U had Audi sport stickers, backed out windows, lowered suspension and no badges! Very nice motor!
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    Hi guys My S3 has just developed a misfire and I'm wondering what to do next to try and resolve it! The misfire is happening on cylinder 4 according to vagcom. I don't get any faults recorded against the engine module, I simply log blocks 14,15 and 16 and it shows up. I've swapped the coil...
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    Benskin07 in Cardiff yeterday

    Going around the roundabout at 1000 MPH on 2 wheels lol.
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    DIS dead pixels?

    Is there supposed to be a blank line just above the top line on the DIS? It looks like a row of dead pixels! Only just noticed it, not sure if it's always been there! Cheers
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    S3 S** Silver S3 (8L) in Cardiff lunch time

    Spotted you driving past sainsburys/gregs approx 1PM.
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    Clunking coming from steering column area

    Hi Guys, I'm getting a clunking noise when turning the steering wheel. This only happens when pulling off/parking etc (basically low speed). I thought it was the rack at first, but the noise appears to be coming from inside the cabin. If I lower the wheel all the way to the lowest setting...
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    Silver s3 8l on Cardiff link road tonight

    Spotted u around 5 on the link road heading out to the m4.
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    Orange s3 8p on m4 near Cardiff

    Spotted u leaving the m4 at Junc 34. Very nice!
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    Dolphin grey s3 in Cardiff

    Grey s3 8l with s3 plate in Cardiff Newport rd around 12:15 today.
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    H&R Springs - S3

    Hi Guys, It seems the norm here to fit H&R springs to the S3 (if you don't want shocks). How is the ride quality compared with standard? I want to lower the car but don't want to make the ride uncomfortable. I find the ride hard enough as it is. Will fitting these springs make it much...
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    S3 Ride Quality

    Hi Guys, Picked up my S3 on Saturday and I'm really impressed. I'll get pics up as soon as I can! One thing that is bothering me is the ride quality when driving on normal town roads! Going over pot holes/speed bumps etc. The ride seems really crashy, and I can see after a while this...
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    Returning to the S3 Club!

    Hi Guys, Really happy to be returning to the S3 club! Just put a deposit down on a Dolphin Grey S3 with a decent spec: 2008 model Heated black leather bucket seats Sat Nav (RNS-E?) Adaptive Xenons Bose Cruise Control Light pack Auto Dimming mirror Auto Wipers Flat bottom...
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    Moving back to Petrol!

    I love my A4, but recently i've been thinking of moving back to a petrol version as I don't really do the miles anymore. I'm going to get a 2.0 T FSI engine, but can't decide yet whether or not to go for Quattro or 2WD. I suppose I will just see what comes up and decide from there. What...
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    Cruise control - VAGCOM

    Planning on fitting cruise to my A4, but don't have vagcom at the moment. I read somewhere that once the wheel has been off, the steering needs to be reclalibrated using vagcom when put back on. Is it safe to fit the parts and then enable with vagcom later? Cheers Rich.