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  1. maw444

    Petrol cap not opening

    Oh dear - I thought that VAG has sorted this issue out by now. My son's Polo - 10 years old - has this annoying fault. It's the acuator which locks / unlocks the cap. Replaced it twice over the life of the car. Had it on my Golf Mk 7 Seems that it's still an issue!
  2. maw444

    Oil Type 35 TFSI

    What brand oil manufacturers a product which meets audi vw 509 00 standard in the 0 w 20 Thought castrol did but it seems they have removed vw spec from their website Looking to top up my 2.0 tdi in uk
  3. maw444

    What is peoples experience of the A3 hybrid

    I currently drive an A3 2.0 Tdi. I love the torque you get from it But I am thinking with fuel prices about the hybrid. I notice the petrol engine in the hybrid is only a 1400 cc engine so I was wondering what the performance is like if its working on petrol only, given my daily commute can...
  4. maw444

    Latest Software

    My Audi dealer seems to not have heard of the update for the SOS. Anyone know of a dealer in East Anglia who has?
  5. maw444

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Looks like the Sat Nav database is also badly out of date
  6. maw444

    myAudi not updating car status

    Same here -I ended up holding down the 'off' button and rebooting - it seemed to have 'kicked it' into action
  7. maw444

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Had a phone call with my Auidi centre this afternoon. Was told that each A3 will need a software update, and depending on the date of manufacture, a new SIM card and in some cars, a new control module. Service manager claimed that they have ordered a supply, but been told by Audi Germany it...
  8. maw444

    Map Updates

    I find that if I log onto the My Audi website on my PC that sometimes it seems to think that I am in a non EU country - usually it gives me data in km and not miles - and then there is no map to download. I find that logging off and then checking the country shown in the bottom right as UK...
  9. maw444

    Radio album artwork

    I have this with Podcasts to! Sometimes it works' other times it does not.
  10. maw444

    Map update and other minor MMI issues

    As an aside - what version map are you all on? I'm in the UK and it has not done a monthly update since July - before then I received updates every month
  11. maw444

    Audi MMI User Settings Update

    Driving round the M25 today my Mmi rebooted several times and I got the emergency sos warning I pressed the sos button and did not cancel in time. The operator said she would cancel the call and switch 4g off On my return trip the data said 3g all the time and I've had no reboots in the normal...
  12. maw444

    MMI - main user unable to login

    Yes - it loads my settings and favourites.
  13. maw444

    MMI - main user unable to login

    I never selec the user when I drive off. I leave the message there and it clears after a short period of time. The only time I might dismiss it manually is when I need to change the radio before I drive off. Land guidance is a mixed blessing / curse. I have to say while it's annoying I don't...
  14. maw444

    MMI - main user unable to login

    I had this message this morning for the first time - it kept telling me that there had been a fault and I could not be logged in. Seems to have solved itself tonight on the journey home - perhaps it's another Audi network issue!
  15. maw444

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Seems it's not just the new builds that are delayed. I hit a deer in my A3 8Y - it needs a new grille. there are none in the UK and I've been waiting for 3 weeks for it to be shipped from Germany. All the body shop get told is - it's in the system for despatch!.
  16. maw444

    engine management light

    Last night, after hitting a deer, the yellow light of an engine came on the dash. Manual says that it is to show a fault in the emissions system. Question - does the Audi A3 8Y have an Engine Management Light - that glows red if urgent attention is required. I can't find any mention of one in...
  17. maw444

    My Audi APP

    Same here - yesterday the app unable to connect. This evening the MMI stuck on 'initializing' and then , after a hard boot, downloaded and installed an update for Audi connect - all okay now
  18. maw444

    SOS Call malfunction contact workshop

    Has there been issues with the Audi servers (again!) Yesterday the MyAudi would not connect with my car - kept getting an error "connection error" noticed that the MMI showed that it had been unable to update. This evening I got the 'initializing'; message on the MMI - I did a hard reboot...
  19. maw444

    Issues with the A3 tech

    It's on page 30 of the manual - but no list of what it can do. Only way I did it was trial and error - and my saying Hey Audi - then saying nothing. A list then appears on the screen.
  20. maw444

    Issues with the A3 tech

    I think I am right that if you say help I will list out all the commands that it can do. I mostly use the voice feature to ring numbers on the mobile or to dictate a text. I sometimes use it to change radio station or play my USB playing.