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  1. Baka

    Scumbags, and how to get used oil out of a coolant header tank.

    Today a couple of guys viewing the B7 I'm selling, decided to put used oil in my header tank, and squirt some up the exhaust whilst I wasn't looking. Then try and convince me my car was broken and I should sell it to them cheaply. Good times. So, has anybody got any tips for getting a bunch of...
  2. Baka

    1.8TFSI 180ps vs Facelift 2.0TFSI 190ps

    Hi, shopping for one of the above, not bothered about the body shape but it will be a manual, and I'm after a sport with SE suspension. Are there any preferences or concerns with either of these, I should be worried about or considering? I was steering towards the facelift, mainly for Android...
  3. Baka

    Improving the ride on a S-Line B7

    Hey guys, I messed myself up in a car crash years ago, and now that I'm bordering on being an old git, the cars crappy ride is really starting to take its toll. I need to significantly improve the ride of my knackered (117k, dampers shot) S-line suspension, or it's new car time. One option...
  4. Baka

    A4 B7 Drivers Seat into 8P (or Golf)?

    Hi, I'd really like to get an 8P or Golf GTi but the seat has always been stopping me. If I could fit the drivers seat out of my A4 B7 I could do it. Is this fairly straight forward? The seat is manual with no heating. From what I've been able to find out I'd have to saw off the locating...
  5. Baka

    Different OEM Exhausts?

    Hi, did the A3 8P come with different OEM exhaust options? I tested about 7 before I bought mine, some were very quiet and what I'd expect from a normal car. Some were pretty loud, with a massive resonance about 2k rpm, like the one I bought. Can I fit an standard exhaust that doesn't boom...
  6. Baka

    Seat Bolster Digs In!

    Does anyone else find the A3 8P sports seats too narrow on the base? I bought one last week and there's a piece of plastic on the left side of the seat base, that is digging in my thigh and giving me a mean case of sciatica. Is there anyway around this? perhaps replacing the foam? Cheers! If...
  7. Baka

    Haldex vs Weight

    Hi ya, what are peoples thoughts on whether Haldex is literally worth it's own weight, at lower states of tune? I think a 3dr FWD is about 1300kg and a Sportsback Quattro (much more common than 3dr) is about 1450kg. If I can resist the S3 (must resist!), I'll get a A3 2.0TFSI. I'd imagine...
  8. Baka

    S3 steering weight vs A3 steering weight.

    Hey guys, I messed myself up in a car crash ages ago and can't do heavy steering anymore. I'd like an S3 but a lot of reviews say the steering is heavy (even Evo!). I can pay a mobility company to remove, lighten and refit the rack but it's £1100! I know an S3 rack is a popular mod for the A3...
  9. Baka

    Is anybody else getting wind noise through their vents?

    Hi guys, I get some serious wind noise through my air vents at speed. If either the face or windscreen vents are on (mainly the windscreen vent) you get loud blustering wind noise that goes up with car speed and fan speed. It's like the inlet is being rammed with air from the forward movement...
  10. Baka

    Has anyone upgraded their stereo?

    Hi guys, has anyone upgraded their standard stereo? Did changing the head unit improve the sound markedly? I've got the Concert stereo in my B7 and it's pretty terrible. I'll do the speakers too if necessary, just wondering if the crap sound can be improved just with a aftermarket head unit...
  11. Baka

    B7 Sports seats (elec lumbar) into SE (no Elec lumbar) wiring help please.

    Hey guys, does anyone know how I would fit sports seats in my SE? My drivers seats collapsed a bit around the lower back. I've looked how to change the seats and that I need to get split or non split depending on what's there. But my SE has no electrical lumbar. Will the plug be there? Will it...
  12. Baka

    What are your favourite driving tunes?

    What are everyones favourite tunes to have on in the car? To drive fast, to drive far, to sit in traffic? I've pretty much had to take this album out the car to save my license. :)
  13. Baka

    Hi ya

    Hi ya, I'm new to the forum so thought I'd say hello. I'm after a A4 B5 1.8T Sport. Always fancied it and I'm finally getting round to buying one. I've had a string of e36's, a few 205's and 200sx's. The only Audi I've had was a periwinkle blue 80 which cost £300. Nothing exciting but I was...