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  1. Shane.

    Highline steering module number

    I will keep an eye on eBay then for that number, thanks :)
  2. Shane.

    Highline steering module number

    Done abit of research and found mention of the 8P0 953 549 F as the correct highline module for my car so I can fit mfsw is this correct as I have seen alot of them with that part number ending in H, A, BB and BF and wanted to make sure Thanks Shane
  3. Shane.

    NEW ITG 'Quiet' Intake for the S3

    Is this not pretty much identical to the pipercross venom intake?
  4. Shane.

    Removing interior A pillar trim.

    Pull forward quite firmly so it hits the safety metal catch then slide the whole lot up. It's pretty simple had mine off several times. No the airbag wont go off
  5. Shane.

    Custom Door builds/a pillars for swap

    Forgot to mention door cards need to be all black. Thanks
  6. Shane.

    Custom Door builds/a pillars for swap

    Not sure if this is allowed but basically as car is going back to standard I am offering my door builds (£650) and a pillar builds (£200) to asn members as straight swap for standards instead of selling. These were built by Lee Thomas at sonic frontiers earlier this year and are oem look...
  7. Shane.

    SHOW ME - 8P 3dr ICE installs

    Yeah £950 was with no equipment, he use to do basic MDF sub boxes shaped abit for £225 but nothing like mine (Lee's words not mine, was on the phone to him when I saw this topic)
  8. Shane.

    SHOW ME - 8P 3dr ICE installs

    Thats my build the install is sold but I know the guy who bought it is looking to sell on again. The install was abit more than £225 with the birch ply shaped boxes, magnetic panels etc was £950. £225 wouldn't even cover the materials tbh I have OEM look door builds which are on ebay at the moment
  9. Shane.

    hi in need of part numbers of black edition rear tinted windows(or any for sale pm m)

    As above why would you want to change the glass? Just get the windows tinted would be much easier and a fraction of the price.
  10. Shane.

    Retrofitting Cruise Control - Worcestershire/Gloucestershire area?

    Gotta guy in Bristol that could do it, just off M4 junction 18 (bath/stroud)
  11. Shane.

    A3 oem+

    I quite like the wheels but agree the black grill doesn't really tie in with it all so would get that switched over. Should look much better on air (and alot more practicle)
  12. Shane.

    "N8" Nathan kowalski appreciation thread :)

    I dunno I still think hes abit of an oddball, but thats probably down to where he's from ;)
  13. Shane.

    Whoops... :-(

    Hmm possibly could be pulled by someone with a proper dent puller I'd imagine (although don't quote me on that) as for the plastic strip if you can straighten it (you'll be very lucky though I'd imagine) then yeah replace clips and try it before paying out for new stuff.
  14. Shane.

    WAK BOX - can i do this to my A3?

    On what engine? 2.0tfsi no, as above airbox is above turbo. 2.0tsi or tdi iirc the airboxes are at the front right hand side so could be done and extra cold air feed added easily
  15. Shane.

    MFSW install Guide?

    If not I have a multifunction slipring spare for sale (bought by mistake, for some reason I thought mine was wrong but it wasn't)
  16. Shane.

    MFSW install Guide?

    Have you checked you have the correct slipring?
  17. Shane.

    what is this??

    currently it's* I shall not sit on the floor myself for not checking grammar before posting :(
  18. Shane.

    MFSW - Help

    I have taken my airbag out probably atleast 8 or 9 times now, not once with the battery disconnected and the warning light has only happened once of of all of these times, it's really nothing to worry about. On vagcom it comes up as one of the sensors not reading (steering column allignment iirc)
  19. Shane.

    what is this??

    Mine had it, currently sat on my bedroom floor but gunna hook it up as a seperate speaker for my handsfree kit