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    Folded Mirrors not even

    Has anyone noticed their folder mirrors differ between sides. The drivers one doesn't fold back anywhere near the tight angle of the passenger?
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    Anyone want my REALLY early order - Vorsprung Saloon RS3

    I've got 1k down on a really early order with Preston Audi. I've not signed any paperwork or specced the car so I could easily get this back but seems a shame to waste such an early order. I had already been in for a chat with sales before anything was available to order. I then had a call...
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    Selling TT-RS - Do I take it back to stock

    Having put my deposit down on the new RS3, my wifes 2018 TT-RS Cab will be going up for sale shortly. Trouble is, I'm not sure if I would be better taking it back to stock and selling the tuning parts or leave it as is. Its got the Wagner EVO3 Competion kit with the big intercooler and racing...