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  1. maw444

    What is peoples experience of the A3 hybrid

    I currently drive an A3 2.0 Tdi. I love the torque you get from it But I am thinking with fuel prices about the hybrid. I notice the petrol engine in the hybrid is only a 1400 cc engine so I was wondering what the performance is like if its working on petrol only, given my daily commute can...
  2. maw444

    engine management light

    Last night, after hitting a deer, the yellow light of an engine came on the dash. Manual says that it is to show a fault in the emissions system. Question - does the Audi A3 8Y have an Engine Management Light - that glows red if urgent attention is required. I can't find any mention of one in...
  3. maw444

    My audi - allow your Audi dealer to define you as the owner of your vehicle

    I've owned my A3 for around a month - from new. for the last couple of days I get the following message when I logon the My audi app - either via the web or via the app:- Confirm identity To experience all the benefits of myAudi, allow your Audi dealer to define you as the owner of your...
  4. maw444

    How quick is the wireless charger

    Has anyone else got the Audi Phone Box on their car? I have an Samsung S10, and I find that it charges very slowly. It added 3% to the battery in an hour. I know wireless charging is slow but... PS I have an USB Memory Stick plugged into one of the USB ports as well - could that be drawing out...
  5. maw444

    SatNav updates - over the air or via Sd card

    Does the Sat Nav update over the air or via the Sd card? I thought it was over the air but I notice on the myaudi website you can download to Sd card and upload manually. Also, how do you tell which version it is - the website says it's Europe version 1 - how do yo tell what's loaded to the car?
  6. maw444

    Traffic Sign Fault - on display at startup

    When I turn on the ignition I get the message 'Traffic Sign Fault' flash up for a couple of seconds - but then it goes away. My Traffic Signs are displayed correctly - anyone else had this issue? A3 Drivers Convenience Pack Fitted
  7. maw444

    Does the car come delivered with the flexible service regime set

    If you order a factory built A3 does it come with the standard fixed servicing interval or flexible servicing set? If so can you get this changed or do you have to ask the dealer to change it before you pick it up?
  8. maw444

    Frong Fog Lights - 8Y

    Given the design of the front grill is there any way of fitting fog lights to the new 8Y?
  9. maw444

    normal suspension - 17 inch wheels or sports suspension

    Hi I am looking at buying a 2020 A3 choice is one with normal suspension - 17 inch wheels or 18 inch with sports suspension My commute is down country lanes and I was wondering how 'harsh' the 18 inch would be with potholes etc. Had a sports version of a mondeo once it was was too firm down...