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  1. SevenW

    For Sale VCDS Hex-Can cable / Superchips Bluefin / MMI Lightning

    Sadly sold my 8V A3 1.8T, now selling bits n pieces left behind. Superchips Bluefin 'UNIT ONLY' BF06-VAGH-T. The flash remap was sold with the car, you can contact Superchips for more info on the compatibility of a new map with the unit. Asking £130 inc postage. Ross Tech VCDS Hex-Can- USB Cable...
  2. SevenW

    Part search after install of Bilstein B12 and mini review

    Well, I got to install my new suspension, to say it went well is not quite right. First garage jacked up my car and told me that I am missing the splash guard just behind the front left wheel next to where the jack point area is, I cannot for the sake of me find any part number to search for a...
  3. SevenW

    Spotted!!!!! Possibly the worlds first Tesla Hybrid!!!!!

    Pic taken in the wild of probably the first hybrid Tesla Model S. In Hong Kong. I have soooooo much to say yet can only muster one word............ WHY?!?!?!
  4. SevenW

    Mild Audio upgrade solutions?

    I don't have the B&O setup, pretty darn sure its utterly and totally bog standard. Now my days of living with twin 12" subbies, in the boot of my XR2 days are well past me............ I now generally jump into the car either have my phone BT music, occasionally use the MMI cable to stream...
  5. SevenW

    Would you quad exhaust an A3?

    Question is would you convert your non S3 backend into a retrofit S3 with quad pipes if you were given the opportunity? From this........... To this.......... Would it be too rice?
  6. SevenW

    S-Line rear lower diffuser retrofit

    I absolutely hate / detest the rear bumper diffuser / valance on my saloon, I have a non S-Line, so it has that fake cut out for dual exhausts, that hasn't been cut out, on the right hand side. My question is has anybody retrofit a S-Line diffuser the one with the grey lower and honeycomb on...
  7. SevenW

    SRI Reset? VCDS No!?

    I've read up and is it true I cannot reset my SRI with my VCDS cable? Yes I get the......"No SRI information etc" pop up box. My car has been on countdown and I assumed that VCDS would be able to reset, I dread going to the stealers cos I know they will probably wipe my codings. Is there any...
  8. SevenW

    Brown trouser moment in E mode!!!!

    I'm ashamed to say I was driving around for a few weeks in E mode in driver select, but it is safe to say I won't be for sometime. Scenario was a large high speed roundabout, when I mean high speed cars on the roundabout average a good 50mph and it is a 3 lane affair. The entry approach for me...
  9. SevenW

    Confusion on spring rates for ST coilovers

    Hi all, I have a 2014 A3 Saloon 1.8, it was specced with the sport suspension but the handling is a bit floaty for me at close to legal speeds.........cough cough. Anyway I'm looking at getting some ST coilovers just to lower the car a bit and reduce the 4 finger wheel arch gap (I have small...