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  1. RS4K

    RS3 prices in 2022/23?

    Hi, I recently sold my S3 8V( regretted it as soon as it sold ) but had my etron suv on order so had to be done to take delivery of my first ever brand new car. Having done minimal mileage, electric is defo not for me and i am already looking forward to giving it back lol in 2022. I want to...
  2. RS4K

    For Sale Audi S3 8V Mods for sale (GFB DV+, RS3 Grill ....) *Prices reduced*

    Hi All, S3 is back to stock and up for sale next week so have some parts for sale. Ideally not looking to post so collection preferred especially for larger items. *Price reduced to get the last few items sold* they are also on Ebay so can be sold any second. VWR R600 Intake - NOW SOLD...
  3. RS4K

    Sold S3 8v Scorpion Valved Catback with Ceramic black tips

    Hi All, i have a Scorpion Non Resonated, Valved with ceramic black tips for sale. This will fit a 3dr and 5dr. Bought around a month ago but was too loud for me (and my daughter). Its my first time putting an exhaust on a car so i think for future i maybe would go with resonated. Has all...
  4. RS4K

    Remap or extend warranty?

    hi guys, i have had my car for a year and was always planning to map it after warranty ran out but i done a quote and its like £446 for full cover with Audi Extended for another year (it was £870 when i checked last time) Now i have a dilemma, any thoughts on what you would do renew for...
  5. RS4K

    Scorpion Catback reducer pipe

    Hi Guys, Just purchased a Scorpion catback non res valved but it does not come with a reducer, has anyone fitted one and perhaps know what size the reducer is? i need to purchase one but just want to make sure i get the size right as don't think scorpion sell it on its own so will have to be...
  6. RS4K

    Revo/MRC Overrun crackle & pop?

    Hi, Car: PFL Audi S3 8V Sportback running VWR intake, Forge hose and EMP res delete. Looking to find out if anyone knows if Revo will ever be doing a overrun pops and bangs on a stage 1 map without getting a decat like Unicorn offer at the moment? I just want to go stage 1 but don't really...
  7. RS4K

    Fitting RS3 style grill (what they don't tell you)

    Hi, so as the title suggests i had my mechanic fit my rs3 style grill i purchased used off ebay. Upon it being removed he found that the crash sensor has to be removed from the original grill and mounted to the new one but there is no bracket for this. No one tells you this when buying so...
  8. RS4K

    Turbo Technics inlet fitting

    Hi, upon fitting the turbo technics inlet pipe today on my s3 8v i came across an issue with the breather hose that i hope someone may be able to help with. Image below will show the hose that doesnt quite stretch across to the hole but i got it around the other side and it is in but could pop...
  9. RS4K

    Retune DAB?

    Hi, Car: 2014 pre fl S3 Recently on my my tech pack mmi with DAB the Kisstory radio station moved frequency and now it says i need to retune the radio but there is no option to do so anywhere in any settings. I have tried 1. Reset mmi 2. scroll to top of the list (some mmi have a refresh...
  10. RS4K

    Red vent inserts

    hi, just wondering if anyone has installed these before? From china of course but can't seem to find any real life pics. thanks
  11. RS4K

    Help Please Audi S3 8V vs S4 B8.5

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help. I recently sold my S3 8P after 3 years and have been wanting a S3 8V Pre facelift to replace it. After a conversation with a friend I am now in two minds on what is better. I am hoping there are some S4 owners that might have been in the same boat as me...
  12. RS4K

    Catback or decat?

    hi, Circumstances have meant i can keep my s3 a bit longer so just looking for some advice/opinions on if i should go for a catback exhaust (i want some noise) or if it may be worth getting a decat instead? im in a manual s3 (original clutch afaik) so will it put too much strain on it if i get...
  13. RS4K

    Best detailing products to use

    Hi Guys, Anyone got any recommendations on what cleaning products to use? I have been using an autoglym set i bought with shampoo, polish, wax, tyre cleaner etc and recently have just taken it to a hand car wash as have not had the time. But for the summer i want to get a good detail done so...
  14. RS4K

    Which wheels do you prefer for s3?

    Hi Guys, I am picking up some Rotors on the weekend but i have been having a debate with a couple of mates over what looks better my current rims or the rotors. Just wanted to get other peoples opinion on what they prefer. Current: Le Mans 18" Antharacite With rotors(not my car)
  15. RS4K

    Revo Stage 1 Dyno Graph

    HI Guys, i had my S3 2010 remapped last weekend and for some reason it feels very flat in lower rev range, i still get a lag until it hits around over 3000rpm is this normal? i thought around 2-3000rpm it will have more torque so it will be quick off the mark and less lag but could be wrong...
  16. RS4K

    Revo Remap Group Buy!

    Hi guys , If anyone is interested in a revo remap with 20% off check out the thread to put your name down.
  17. RS4K

    Revo Remap Group Discount! guys check out the thread if you wish to sign up for a discounted remap
  18. RS4K

    Revo Remap Group Discount! guys check out the thread if you wish to sign up for a discounted remap
  19. RS4K

    Revo Remap Group Buy Discount! guys check out the thread if you wish to sign up for a discounted remap
  20. RS4K

    Revo Remap Group Buy Discount! Check out the thread to sign up guys.