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  1. J

    Software version 3691

    I thought latest was 3620 but my mates car went in for rear camera fault (new camera ordered) and he's just noticed it has version 3691, not sure if it had it originally. His is a March 2022 build, about 3 weeks after mine which is 3620. Anyone know anything about update?
  2. J

    For Sale A3 8V FL Saloon rear bumper valence

    In other words the grey plastic trim under the rear bumper. It's from a 2019 Black edition saloon 35 TFSI - so for a twin pipe exhaust. It has some slight scuff damage to the underside and small area of the rear edge on the offside. All fixing clips are intact. Note that it does not include...
  3. J

    Change to DIS?

    I've just changed in a 2013 Sportback for a new Saloon. I like to have the DIS set to the digital speed display, and and on the Sportback whilst on this setting I could scroll the one line display through all of the trip computer functions, including long and short term memories, eg MPG1 and...
  4. J

    rsap support withdrawn for Connect?

    Just taken delivery of new Saloon with Tech pack high. All instructions refer to using remote sim access for Connect, but options dont appear in menu. Have read that it should work with HTC One M8. Also saw one reference saying Audi rsap support is being withdrawn. Anyone know?
  5. J

    Why are my foglights H8 and not H11?

    Without getting back into the debate on different colour foglights and when and where to use them...etc etc I bought some H11s to upgrade the standard bulbs, only to find when I removed the lamps that there are 35W H8s originally fitted, and the lamp fitting clearly states H8. As we know, the...
  6. J

    Heated mirrors

    Anyone know if the heated mirrors stay on all of the time they're actually switched on? With no indicator light can't really tell - and with previous cars I've had they were linked to the HRW. It's easy to forget they're on. Manual says depending on outside temp and roadspeed, but thought I'd...
  7. J

    What's with the badge deletion thing?

    One thing I've often wondered about, and I thought of again whilst sitting here tonight - I've never really got why people choose to have the model and/or engine type badges deleted as an option. is it just for the cleaner look...or what?
  8. J

    Static cornering light

    Whilst out checking out my Adaptive lights the other night (see other post) I noticed that when I stopped at a junction, as I just about came to a stop in a straight line it looked like BOTH static cornering lights came on. They also worked as they should when turning. Is this anything to do...
  9. J

    Adaptive headlights - don't think mine are working?

    Can anyone else who has the Adaptive Headlight option tell me if the movement of the beams is clearly visible when driving at night? I had a similar feature (ie swivelling xenons) on my previous car (Peugeot) and it was quite clear to see the beam move with the steering, particularly when on...
  10. J

    Aircon question with Dual Auto Climate control

    This may seem an odd question - but the indicating light in the A/C button is suppossed to stay illuminated when the A/C is on - right? I ask because mine doesn't. I only noticed today after I got in the car mid afternoon with the car having been in the sun for a few hours. The A/C didn't seem...
  11. J

    Alternative front indicator bulb?

    I've been searching to see if I can find an alternative to the PWY24W bulb fitted in the front indicators. I hate the orange effect if gives to the reflectors (so-called fried-egg effect). I changed them on the rear of a Mazda 6 I had years ago for silver coated bulbs that glow orange, and they...
  12. J

    Does your dealer insist on timed service appointments?

    Had to book the car in to get the rear view mirror sorted, (see separate post) at the dealer where I bought it, Crawley Audi. Never had an Audi before, but at other dealerships (Peugeot last car) I could always drop it off around 8am, and they'd either drop me somewhere or a mate would pick me...
  13. J

    Rear view mirror falling off...

    Set off to work this morning, having not used the car since Friday, and the rear view mirror was set too low. Went to adjust it and it was all loose, seems to have come unstuck at the top but being held on at the bottom - by the rain sensor I think. Anyone else had this? Going into dealer...
  14. J

    New A3 Sportback due in a few days

    Hi all New to the forum, just waiting delivery of my A3 Sportback 2.0Tdi Sport, in Scuba Blue. Arrived in Sheerness last week, hoping to pick up later this week or next. Ordered in January. My first Audi! On top of the standard spec, opted for the Xenon/LED lights, the Technology pack (MMI...