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    A3 saloon window trim retain clips

    Hi all I have removed my trims from above the the windows but I can not remember the way the 3 differnt colour retain plastic clips went if any one has any ideas please colours are 1 yellow 1 green and I think 1 blue ? thanks
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    De chrome

    I did not no.
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    De chrome

    Yeah seem to be good I have pressure washed it a fair few times so far and seem to hold well. I think the main part of it is getting the chrome prepped and using a etch primer although I am no paint expert
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    De chrome

    The part no for the tools is T40219 brought mine from Tom ( Creweaudiparts ) on the forum
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    De chrome

    Some people have just pulled them out by lifting upwards with mine I popped off the door card and brought the tool that releases the trim.
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    De chrome

    I did not straighten any tabs i just removed very carefully by pulling it outwards then pushed it from the bottom corner to un attach the clips.
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    De chrome

    Hope this helps
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    De chrome

    This is my rear one that is removed currently as I have had them painted they just pull out slowly with a trim tool aim for where the clips are
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    Light and rain sensor retrofit

    Fire a message to Tom ( creweaudiparts )forum member.
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    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    Full set of a3 saloon dynamic rear lights. Like new about 12 month old. Also have the looms if wanting to do a retrofit. £350 collection from Wolverhampton or I will post at a cost
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    Tyre pressures

    Hi all I am a little confused on what tyre pressures I should be running car is a3 saloon 2.0tfsi 190 Quattro. Also here is a photo of my pressure label my tyres are 225/40 18.
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    8V VCDS Mods

    hi hope all are well i have upgraded my a3 saloon from a 2015 to a 2019 facelift. i have done all my usual vcds mods just can not get Rain closing to work or mirror dip in reverse could any one help? thank you
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    A3 8v saloon chrome window trim

    Hi all I am trying to remove the chrome trim around my windows on a a3 saloon so I can have them painted they seem really tight could anyone advise how they come off ? thanks Dan
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    Feedback and Reviews

    Brought upgrade led footwell bulbs. Top notch the light output is 10x better!
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    Intermittent high idle

    Thank you I will check this out, Dan
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    Intermittent high idle

    Thank you for your replies. I have checked with vcds and it states there is no regen taking place seems to be after cam belt change. It’s not a massive issue just annoying Dan
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    Intermittent high idle

    Hi all I have noticed my vehicle idling high 1000-1100 randomly even when cold I seem to have noticed it since having the cam belt and water pump changed. They say that would not cause that problem any input would be appreciated car is a 2015 a3 2.0tdi 150 CRLB engine I believe ? Thanks Dan
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    A3 8V Aftermarket Amplifier Install Question

    What I did was add a fuse tap into a ignition live in the glove box then run the wire to the boot hope this helps
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    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff £450