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    Performance non oiled filter

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a non oiled performance filter. Been running a BMC filter for a while but the washing and jeopardy of reoiling is getting to me. Anyone found a non oiled solution or should I just bung back in an original audi job? Cheers Ben
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    Lowering cars with matrix lights

    Hypothetical question that some of you might have experience of- if I lower the s4 using mss springs and adjust to give a lower ride height or slightly nose down stance - do the matrix led lights and camera that controls them need recalibrating or are the clever enough to sort themselves out ?
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    B9 heated wing mirror not heating

    So with the first cold weather of the year I’ve realised that my wing mirrors aren’t demising / de icing. Now I’ve read a few things about corrosion on contacts and some more about degraded heating elements! I’d like to check those so does anyone have a how to or guide to b9 wing glass removal...
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    Where is the central jacking point on an avant

    Is there a recommended central jacking point front and rear ??? Has someone got a pic or a diagram ?? Cheers Ben
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    Where is the central jacking point on an avant

    Is there a recommended central jacking point front and rear ??? Has someone got a pic or a diagram ?? Cheers Ben
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    B9 tuning options

    I’m going to get the s4 tuned in the near future and I’ve been looking for reliable tuning options, but I suppose I’ve always thought that APR might be the best option however I’m a little confused by their info - there seems to be the suggestion on their website that the basic stage 1 gains...
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    Has anyone got a good close up pic of an s4 with the front bumper removed?

    In a continued quest to discover the problem with my A/C It’s been identified that the uv dye is emanating from the bottom right of the condenser. I haven’t had a chance to take off the bumper but I’d like to see what’s in the lower right corner of the condenser- the dye seems to come from...
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    Has anyone replaced their own AC condenser?

    So having recently added UV dye to the system I can see that there is staining on the lower right of the AC condenser (as you look at the car) hoping it’s just a hose seal (as firebits suggested) but I fear it’s the condenser! Has anyone done a DIY replacement? Has anyone used a non Audi...
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    Exhaust options S4

    So I’m after an exhaust for the S4 It’s not about power , just sound ! I’m not really convicted by the audio clips of S4 Milltek systems I’ve heard on you tube etc. Yeah I know that the most of the Audio clips don’t do an exhausts justice - they all sound a bit muted and understated to me. My...
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    Water getting in !

    Okay - I’m foxed by this, I seem to have wet sound damping material in the back of an avant! It’s not in the boot itself but in the left hand side compartment where, rather worryingly, a pile of fuses and cables live ! My initial thought was that it’s come in through the baffle that’s in there...
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    Wash windscreen only

    So, I’m confused, is there a way to only wash the windscreen and not have the headlight washers do their thing? Sometimes the headlight washers squirt and sometimes not - I’m not sure if it’s my pulling of the stalk that makes a difference or not - can someone shed some light on it! I should...
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    Alternative to long life oil

    So with the car out of warranty in a few days o intend to change the s4 oil every 6000 miles. Now the Castrol edge pro 5w-30 is a long life oil , but since I no longer require long life, what should I use - just a good quality 5w-30 fully synthetic????
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    Up-rating reversing lights

    Has anyone done this ? I have a horrible dark parking space I have to regularly reverse into - with curbs and large steal posts either side of the car ..... has anyone managed to improve the standard lights ? Has anyone added some after market lights ?
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    S4 seat covers ?

    Has anybody found any good seat covers compatible with s4 seats ? I need something properly waterproof and heavy duty - maybe neoprene ??? I see a lot of seat covers aren’t compatible with side airbag seats - do the s4 seats have a side airbag ??? thanks in advance
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    B9 s4 transmission fluid change ?

    Can anyone advise please, I’d like to refresh my transmission fluid, either a full change or partial (knowing that some will remain in the torque converter). Has anyone done their own or have a guide on how to ? I haven’t even looked under the car yet, I just thought I’d search online but i...
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    B9 S4 avant Anti-roll bar

    So, does anyone have any recommendations for an uprated s4 avant anti roll bar ? See that 034motorsport does one which seems to be well regarded but it seems to suggest it was developed on a saloon s4 but suggests it fits the b9 allroad. Can saloon and avant ARBs be the same ???
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    B9 s4 air con regas?

    strangely last week there was a slight hissing noise intermittently from behind the dash - it sort of sounded like aircon or seat bolster pneumatic pump.... it didn’t bother me! Anyway a week on and I decided to use turn the air con to cold ( it was sunny today in Cardiff) . I should say that...
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    S4 uprated lowering springs

    so, despite my adaptive suspension, my S4 still feels too wallowy and soft ( perhaps it’s after coming from a very firm Bilstein equipped Subaru ). Anyway I’d like a little more firmness and am thinking about some lowering springs! I don't want to slam the car or anything, but I wouldn’t mind...
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    Anyone put a light bar on their b9 yet ?

    Seriously considering adding a light bar to the S4 for a more illumination and because I quite like the utility sports wagon type look! So has anyone done anything yet - I’m unsure yet if it’ll be roof rack mounted, number plate mounted or stealth mounted behind the grill...
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    Problem with the programmable steering wheel button

    So I’m sure I’ve seen this issue mentioned somewhere before but I’m not sure what the resolution was! So I have the star button set to select drive select modes in the S4. This button works intermittently! Yesterday I took the car into Audi to look at the problem but of course the button...