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    New owner questions

    Sorry if these have been asked before but can you help with the following, both mmi related: 1) is there a way to auto login your user, rather than having to select it each time? 2) when your phone is attached via CarPlay and you first enter the vehicle, is it possible to set it to start play...
  2. J

    Digital dashboard views

    What views do you get on the dashboard? On all the pictures I’ve seen/found you always seem to get a separate Speedo and Rev counter. On my current cupra ateca you get an option to have the Rev counter in the middle with speed showing within it, do you get this option on the a3/s3? As an aside...
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    Hi from Hull

    Hi all, Ordered a turbo blue S3 on Friday and found out this morning that they’ve secured me a just built car which should be on its way to the UK shortly. Let the painful wait begin!
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    Order progress

    Hi all, I’ve just ordered a new S3 and have managed to get one which has just been built and is waiting to be shipped over to the UK. Do Audi have a tracking site where you can track where your car is etc?? Thanks in advance!