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    RS3 Servicing Help

    Hey guys, Just bought an RS3 and its come up on the dash it needs a service. Car has done 54k and is on long life servicing. Now i have spoke to Manchester, Stoke, Stafford and Stockport Audi as i am based around Manchester. Cheapest i can get the service for is £449 (at...
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    Upgrading from 59reg S3 to Sline 8V, What options and Which model ?? HELP

    Right guys im stuck in a pickle... Now ive got my 59reg in sprint blue with 46k on it and im after a nice new 8V. (got offered £12,200 as PX) Ive got a budget of £27k (cant get a S3 8V for that) so have been looking at Slline sportback (as mine is a 3 door). Now im confused as to what sort...
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    Coding help please !!

    Hey guys Both my keys have not worked for the car for around 6 mths and they have both worked fine with new battery's etc etc. I have tried recoding the keys to the car following numerous different ways online and even took it to a key coding shop with no avail. Im having to lock my car...
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    Audi A3 2.0 170 TDI 8P DPF Delete/Remap

    Would like to say a big thanks to Rick for the excellent service he offered by remapping and doing DPF delete software on my A3 170 TDI. He was very professional and defo knew his stuff. Only took around 30mins but my god what a difference, it didnt feel much quicker (as its the torque that...
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    Tandem pump change 2.0 TDI 170 ** Help needed please **

    Right guys need to change my tandem pump, but I have never changed one before. Could anyone please help me out with instructions ?
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    A3 2.0 TDI 170 is the turbo gone ?? ** pics inside **

    Right guys, my car has been smoking on idle and its a white/blue smoke (burning oil somewhere) that is rather strong smelling of unburnt fuel. Just took off the pipe to the inlet manifold to see all this crap, is this signs of the turbo has gone ? Seems like oily residue and carbon build up as...
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    Anyone near Manchester with VAG Please

    Im after a scan running on my car before i get it DPF delete and Remap in a couple of weeks and need it putting onto normal service intervals instead of longlife. Cheap as poss please :)
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    2.0 TDI 170 DPF Delete and EGR Blank ??

    Right guys been wondering if i should have this done as it has been worrying me looking at a big bill with new DPF ect ect Seems mine is re genning alot and the amber light comes on fairly regular even tho 95% of my time is spent on the motorway. So thinking its either new DPF or Delete along...
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    Need timing belt and waterpump doing near Manchester ** Any Recommendations **

    As title guys i have a 2006 A3 2.0TDI 170 and just bought it last week, the timing belt needs doing asap but im not paying dealer prices. Anyone recommend a good garage that can do the job properly and not cost the earth ? Much appreciated Thanks
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    ***** 2010 DRL LED Xenon Headlight Lug Repair Part Number Needed Urgent Please *****

    Right guys i have the DRL Led Xenon headlights off a 2010 A3, now the passenger side top lug has broken and i need a repair kit. Now i rang audi and they said £15 but i cant make it into my local audi as its miles from my home and work. Now work said i can order it from there but to do so i...