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    A3 8Y 2020 v 2022

    Hi So I am on my second A3 8Y Sline 1.5 stronic c&and thought I would give you my thoughts on the differences between the two 2020 1 From day one it was in and out of the garage with loads of software faults which after about 3 months were mostly sorted (still got the odd random error) 2...
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    Petrol cap not opening

    Has anyone had an issue with their petrol cap not opening with the central locking. Mine is stuck fast and their is no manual release in the boot.
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    If you want one of these best be quick
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    Software update campaigns

    Hi - If anyone is interested this link will tell you if any software updates are outstanding on your car put your chassis number in and it will return what outstanding updates are available for your A3. When they are done it updates...