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  1. RustyTheSnowman

    Sold Top-spec 2017 facelift S3 with low mileage for sale Happy to answer any questions!
  2. RustyTheSnowman

    Posting an ad?

    Before I do it, I wanted to check whether there are any rules on this forum about posting adverts of cars for private sale? (I’m selling my S3) Thanks!
  3. RustyTheSnowman

    Will this tyre get through an MOT?

    The nick you see here is about 1cm long, I don't know the cause (the actual wheels got off mark-free, luckily!). There are no threads visible, as you can see it is the rim protection that has been damaged.
  4. RustyTheSnowman

    Goodbye and thank you!

    Hi all - I've very much been a reader of this forum since I joined in 2017. Today I ordered my next car (Mercedes AMG CLA 45 S Plus Coupé) so the countdown to saying goodbye to my S3 begins. It's been a great car, the best I've ever owned. I like to keep it in good condition and it still turns...
  5. RustyTheSnowman

    Facelift Disable car?

    This is a long shot, what with it being so late (in the UK, anyway)... I managed to lose a key this evening. It’s one of two for my 2017 Audi S3. I’m at home now with the car and have my spare key with me. Can anybody help me with a way to ‘disable’ the car? If my lost key is found by some...
  6. RustyTheSnowman

    Facelift Headlamp converters for UK S3 in France

    I'm off to France with the family soon in my 2017 S3. The car already has the hi-vis jacket, triangle and first aid kit, and I've bought a couple of breathalysers. My number plates already have the GB logo on them. My S3 has Matrix LED headlights - can anybody help me with the positioning of...
  7. RustyTheSnowman

    Facelift Childseat in S3

    I have my S3 on order and have specced the super-sports seats. I need to buy a child seat for my daughter, preferably (but not essential) rear-facing, swivelling and that uses isofix. Do you have one in your car that you'd recommend? I will go and look of course, but there are so many options...
  8. RustyTheSnowman

    Facelift New Order

    Hi all. I ordered an S3 today and have been reading this board for a while. I look forward to being a fully qualified forum member! Here's the spec for those interested: Black Edition, S Tronic, Ara Blue, Saloon Advanced Key Audi Parking System Plus Virtual Cockpit Red Brake Calipers...