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  1. zenyagami

    Audi connect App v2 ?

    Hello everyone, well actually there is no Audi connect , but I think I can get access to their API's using the normal credentials email/password, I was thinking to "re design" the audi connect app to suit my needs, better UI, instant notification if i left the car opened and I walk away from the...
  2. zenyagami

    RS3 grill on Audi s Line/glossy black

    Hello everyone i really like the rs3 looks, i have an s Line Version, i was wondering if there is a glossyb black paint to have similar result like the rs3 (grill and other honeycomb plastic), also do you know if the grill of the rs3 would fit the normal A3 s Line? But maybe i would have to...
  3. zenyagami

    Curious about charging gauge tfsi e, how does it works?

    I was reading the manual and checking videos before posting, i have the hybrid phev version, and there is a gauge for battery recovery when I'm breaking, I'm curious about how does it works, sometimes the "green" gauge is not full and sometimes is full. My question is, when is full what does it...
  4. zenyagami

    Removed stucked M10 bolt from the door

    Hello everyone, I'm retrofitting my foldable mirrors, the driver side was ok, but I'm trying the other side and i can't loose the bolt, is an M10 bolt, i tried using WD-40 and doesn't work, my screwdriver doesn't work and now the gummy from the screwdriver moves but not the screw i tried with a...
  5. zenyagami

    360° panoramic camera

    Surfing in AliExpress i found this retrofit for 360° camera, i know that is possible to code this mode, and I'm curious about this i would love to have this option, however I'm not sure about the installation, probably i would ask a professional, however I'm not sure if the seller would send a...
  6. zenyagami

    Hybrid modes (battery hold vs charge battery)

    Hello everyone, I'm curious about how this modes works, hybrid mode it should use battery and petrol in a smart way, but for example if my battery is empty, and i use hold mode, the battery should be charged right and not be used if i understand correctly. But i think is not like that. And there...
  7. zenyagami

    Brake Calipers Cover

    I have an A3 Sline and I was thinking of painting calipers, maybe not the best, but I saw some caliper covers in aliexpress/ebay, but I can't find a suitable caliper for my A3, does someone has any recommendation? or is better just paint? thanks!
  8. zenyagami

    A3 hybrid ac not working correctly?

    Hello everyone, today i kinda did my first long trip, it was super hot, around 30 degrees (Celsius), the ac was working well, but suddenly i realized it was blowing air, but not that cold, i was dying inside in the highway, i tried all settings and was not working properly, the funny thing, is...
  9. zenyagami

    HUD display need vs want?

    I didn't choose the HUD display because i though "the virtual cockpit is great" and it is, but here in Germany i need to keep the speed limit and I'm looking down all the time, i see the option to retrofit, but I'm not sure if it's a waste of money, does someone has experience with HUD display...
  10. zenyagami

    Cquarz 3.0 uk ceramic coating

    I like to make my things myself (also cheaper haha) , so i bought a da polisher, i did a polishing, not the best but i removed a lot of swirls, then I applied two layers of ceramic coating and carpro reload, now looks great, I'm looking forward to see the final results. I just wanted to share...
  11. zenyagami

    Foldable Mirrors

    I just got my audi 2021 S line , has drivings assistante, lane assist, and more, but how come it does not have foldable mirrors :( i just saw a retrofit for foldable mirror from I'm thinking of...