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    Front disc and pad replacement

    Caliper bolts - ok to reuse. These are the 7mm Allen key screws that are in the rubber shroud with a cap on (35Nm) . Carrier bolts are 'stretch' or 'torque to yield' (TTY) bolts and should be replaced (200Nm). If reusing, I wouldn't put another 200Nm on a bolt that has already gone past its...
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    Shock abosorber leaking

    So it seems the bolts are 'stretch bolts', and shouldn't be reused. With NEW correct bolts; the two for the top mount are 55Nm +45° and for the lower bolt it's 70Nm +180° That's a lot of torque and will cause the bolts to plastically deform, which is what the new bolts are designed to do. But...
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    Shock abosorber leaking

    I know it's an old thread, but I'm just about to replace my rear dampers (shock absorbers), car has done 64k miles. I know how to go about doing it, I just wondered if anyone had the torque values for the bolts. For the lower bolt I've seen values of 70Nm & 180Nm - obviously a massive difference...
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    1.4 TFSI spark plug change

    Yes, been there done that. They are a real pain in the *** to remove. I ended up having to wrap a strong nylon cord a few times around the rubber sleeve whilst still attached to the coil pack moulding. Then with a strong steady pull they will eventually come out, don't be too aggressive. You...
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    Coil pack rubber boot torn

    The coil pack has a plastic barbed protrusion that pushes into the rubber boot (similar to a garden water pipe fitting). Absolutely no damage to the coil pack end, it simply pulled out of the rubber fitting. I currently have four identical coil packs, if I change one it should be fine but three...
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    Coil pack rubber boot torn

    I could change the whole thing, but the rubber part is an individual component that simply sits between the coil pack and spark plug. The coil pack works fine, I'm only replacing the rubber part as the seal is now compromised, engine runs fine. I'll price them up, but I imagine the whole thing...
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    Coil pack rubber boot torn

    Hi Rob, Can't believe I didn't look at the picture properly You're spot on, that is the number moulded into the stem of the boot. Thanks for putting me straight, I'll get one ordered. Steve.
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    Coil pack rubber boot torn

    I changed my spark plugs during the service of my 1.4 tfsi this weekend and ended up tearing the top off the rubber boot that connects to the Coil Pack. The rubber boot seems to really hold tight onto the spark plugs and I've managed to get them off previously by looping a cord around the boot...
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    Climate control flaps ticking/creaking

    I've changed my pollen filter regularly, more often than the service schedule suggests, but I get the creaking and groaning from the climate control flaps too. It's been happening for a while now but everything works as it should. Probably needs a touch of silicon grease applied to the moving...
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    Help with Oil please

    Yeah good idea, I leave mine to drain while I do the oil, air and pollen filters. 4.5L for just above max sounds right as my 3.75L gets me to halfway. Min to max is about 1L, if I remember correctly.
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    Help with Oil please

    I'm surprised you got so much in, did you do it yourself or were you told what was put in? I've changed my oil and filter 6 or 7 times now and have only ever managed to get just under 4L in, despite draining it from underneath. This brings the oil level to just over half-way up the dipstick...
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    Help with Oil please

    Just did my oil & filter change last weekend (1.4 TFSI 140PS). Drained the oil from underneath, fitted new sump plug and refilled with 3.75L of Castrol 5W-30. This bought the oil level to a fraction above halfway up the dipstick.
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    Custom laser engraved centre switch pack

    Looks good! Unless someone comes up with a better solution, I think what you may be looking for is a Latching Relay. It needs a momentary input to change its state and the same again to switch back. In the past I've used one on a '67 TR4a headlight stalk to swap low beam to high beam rather...
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    No Homelink Audi S3?!

    Have a read of this... Not difficult to do and I have the two spare dash buttons in use; one for the electric gate the other for one of the garage doors. Works perfectly and...
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    Audi A3 8V Reverse Camera (High) DIY Retrofit guide!!

    So, from the comments above; if I have a PFL car with 'low' MMI, I can buy the new camera with the integrated module and it will work. Which is good news, as this will be my next retrofit and it seems the new version is easier and cheaper to get hold of than the original camera with the 'low'...
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    How to: Blank Dash Button mod for garage remote control

    Excellent result. I went for the stealth mode so as not to draw attention, but after seeing the quality of the etching I'm tempted to get mine done now.
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    How to: Blank Dash Button mod for garage remote control

    The LEDs on the side that contain the surface mount switches illuminate red for the backlight to the individual switches (but only if they are engraved to show the white colouring through the black - great attention to detail on your Golf R by the way ). On the opposite side of the pcb there...
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    1.4 TFSI COD manual clutch

    I have the same car and similar issue, although not as severe as yours. I bought the car new so I know it's not been abused. Often, when pulling away, the clutch seems quite 'grabby' and judders. It started at about 5k miles and I'm on 33k miles now and it hasn't got any worse (or better). I can...
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    What MPG is everyone getting ? A3/S3

    1.4 (140ps) petrol manual. Average over 33k miles = 46.7mpg.
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    Low lights

    Here it is: