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    key fob not working - advanced key

    I hope someone can help, this afternoon my key fob just stopped working so couldn't open the car or start it, I changed the battery but still the light on the fob doesn't work, I have not dropped this or anything so have no idea why its now not working, Any ideas ?
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    s3 alloy part number

    hi can anyone provide the part number for a new s3 alloy / ( 2014 model 18 inch )
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    19inch rs3 alloys

    I have standard s3 alloys on my care and want to upgrade to RS3 19`s, I know these have a slightly lower profile ( 35 instead of 40 0 but was wondering if this would effect the speedo calibration with the bigger wheel ?
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    jacking points

    on the jacking points on the car I have noticed that the sealant used has split, any ideas on how to replace this ?
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    Has anyone used these ?
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    a3 sline on s3 alloys

    I really like s3 alloys and just not that keen on my sline alloys is it right to put s3 alloys on an sline ?
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    tyres pressures

    can some advise me of the correct tyres pressure for my 2 litre tdi s line ? Front wheel drive
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    wheel nut torque setting

    does anyone know what torque my wheel nuts should be set at ?
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    wheel removal for refurb

    I have caught the front wheel of my s line alloy but rather than have diamond cut again ( as I know I will tell the difference ) I have decided to go for a powder coat reflect chrome on all 4, I have seen a wheel in the flesh and i was very impressed, My question is where should I position 4 x...
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    someone hit my 2 month old a3 this evening, just looks like the rear bumper, anyone has any issues in matching misano red ?
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    samsung s3 to iphone 6 - doesnt ring in the car

    hello I have changed from a Samsung mobile to iphone 6, when i had an incoming call on my Samsung i could also have a tone ringing in the car, now with the iphone there doesn't seem to be this option can anyone shed any light on this for me.
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    Computer Display

    hi I have just collected my new a3 and noticed that the computer display in between the dials looks a slightly off white compared to the dials Is this normal ?
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    my new s line has developed a slight rattle from the NS rear, seems to be coming from inside the car, doesn't do it all the time and I have checked the spare wheel etc just to make sure all is tight, my windows also rattle when closed and going over a large bump is this normal ?
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    Brand new glacier white s line

    All I collected my new a3 on the 1/3 and the rear bumper looks off colour to me, Is this normal ?