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    Guidance/help needed: S4 B6 cab, CMM woes (with VCDS codes)

    Hi and so I have come seeking help on a problem (well several actually) Background. I noticed that the drain holes under the battery and master cylinder where totally blocked. I found this out by noticing water dripping along the passenger side sill mainly at the back but along the screw holes...
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    Rear parking sensor buzzer location S4 cab

    Hello and I have had a forum search and also physical search for the location of rear parking sensor buzzer. Can anyone help me find it’s location ? Thanks in advance
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    B6 S4 Cab Lowering questions / support

    Good day and apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I'm after a little support and direction from the group on items relating to lowering my B6 S4 cab. Following fitting 19"s with 235/35/19 tyres the car now sits to high for my liking and would like to lower it a little to improve the...
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    S4 B6, my midlife… project

    I hope to use this thread as a bit of a digital history / journey log for this project so hope posting it here is ok? After searching for a while I found, what looked to me as a fairly decent and well maintained S4 convertible, sourced on Auto Trader. Private seller, 67k, cleandecent amounts of...
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    Pre-purchase vehicle inspection support

    Good afternoon to you and I was wondering if anyone here had used a pre purchase vehicle inspection service prior to buying a car and what this was like for you? I ask this as I'm over 250 miles away from a car that I have my eye on. The current owner (abroad) and his mechanic (past owner)...
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    Possible next car? (S4 cab)

    Hello and this is my first post and i hope I'm asking the right question in the right place? Apologies in advance if not. Ok, i have seen this S4 floating on Auto Trader and it ticks many boxes for me. Colour and spec are exactly what I want, the year however is not (tax group). Following a...
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    Hello good people

    Good day to you all from a quiet corner of Leicestershire (Market Harborough). Being someone who used to spend lots free time on car enthusiasts forums in my younger years (mainly GTIROC and CRX-UK) I took lots of enjoyment from being part of a supportive community of like minded folk. Now...