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    Engine management light issue

    Hi guys, apologies if this has been asked many time before. Not sure the best route of what to do next. The Engine management light has come on and isn't going off, it was a little jerky the other morning but just put it down to the cold. It's due a service at the stealers soon but wondered if...
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    Advice On Clutch Replacement (Beds, Herts Cambs area)

    Hi guys, the clutch on my A3 2.0fsi has just started to slip in the higher gears when the boost hits it's peak. Just wondered if anyone could recommend a decent place to get it done (around the Beds, Herts or Cambs area) other than the stealer's, and if it's a good idea to buy the parts...
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    Selling S3 £7500 sound fair?

    Sad to say im selling my S3 in a few weeks, recently moved jobs and the petrols now killing me so golf tdi has to be done for a while - booo! Does £7500 sound reasonable? W (2000) Pre-facelift 69k Full audi service history 3 previous owners Kam belt and waterpump done at 50k MRC remap at...
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    Free Full HPI checks

    Have 3 HPIs left from Anyone wants a plate run, let me know and I'll post the details up.
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    Finally brought an S3

    Finally brought an S3 Thanks everyone for all of your advice, finally brought an S3. Decided to go for silver with black leather, nice condition, figured it would look nice when it eventually got some s4 style alloys on it. Didn’t really get to...
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    Still bored at work?

    Try this - belive a ramped up version will also be making an appearance on the ps3 if anyones interested. Geek
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    S3 Purchase, 9K, any advice?

    Hi everyone, first post here, have been trailing these forums and tyresmoke for months now. This kind of thing has been asked before but more recent views would be very much appreciated. Really looking forward to purchasing an s3, have about £8500 as would like to save £500 to remap if...