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    S3 downpipe removal/refitting guidance please.

    As above, I'm going to be replacing mine. I know technically it's unbolt, bolt back on but it seems so cramped in the engine bay. Does anyone have any tips on how to tackle this? Any advice very much appreciated
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    silicone hoses

    probably a stupid question but im looking for the silicone hoses that lead to the throttle body and to the charge. what are the name of these and does anyone know where to get them?
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    Turborevs? Worth it?

    After browsing eBay I'm looking at the turborevs intercooler, downpipe and decat for the s3, what you reckon, worth while?
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    Cam chain tensioner

    It's pretty much certain I have an issue with the above, it's hurrendous on warm start ups and was just wondering if anyone has part numbers for what is required to resolve this issue and whether there is anything else you can try first. Please help/advise
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    Window regulator clips

    My drivers side window regulator clips have broke, I have genuine replacements but what's the easiest way to fit them? :think:
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    eml after decat, what to do to resolve?

    as title really, i know this has been covered previously but the search function isnt very precise and ive been looking for nearly an hour now. what do you do about the engine management light after a decat? how do you remove it etc? please advise
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    hose/pipe help and info, with pics.

    hi, again. i noticed last week one of my plastic pipes had snapped clean off both ends with oil deposits around the connections. im not sure what the pipe does but the car appeared to run fine. i replaced the pipe this afternoon(pic 1), 35 quid! upon fitting i noticed, looking at the engine head...
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    S3 rattle-downpipe/cat?

    Hi, I've had this rattle on my s3 for a while now when accelerating slowly including after changing gears, rattle lasts about a second. Now at first I thought heat shield but as far as I could see nothing was touching. I had my car serviced at my local vw garage and asked them to check it out...
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    S4,6,8 wheels and spacer advice

    I've been looking for a good while now for a set of s4,6,8 18 inch 6 spoke alloys but can't find any anywhere does anyone know if they fit and where I might be able to find some, also I'd like to space the wheels out slightly. Ive got 17inch avus wheels and it's got eibach springs. Any...
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    eBay s3 decat and downpipe?

    I've got a cat back milltek system but i'm looking at getting a downpipe and decat. Turbo revs do them on eBay for 125, anybody got experience with these and would you go for them? I don't ant to spend rediculous amounts on a millltek cat and downpipe I would appreciate your advice
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    s3 tuning opinions and options.

    right at the end of the month the s3 is getting garaged for the winter, as a daily driver its fast aproaching 83000 miles. its got the amk motor, its got a ****** map, a milltek cat back, n249 byass, green cotton replacement panel filter however im getting bored. it seems to run better in cooler...
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    Window help

    Please help I've got an electric window issue, the window goes down fine but tries to go up, fails and drops back down. It's like the window is sticking on the way up so the motor stops and drops it back down. I've managed to pull the window up while pressing the button but as for the solution I...
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    urgent help, judder/missfire?

    hi, upon driving home i over took a focus rs then as i continued to plant my foot over 3000rpm it started to judder or missfire. i tried this in ever gear and is fine upto 3000 then starts to judder. i tried slow acceleration and was fine. any ideas? please help
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    anybody got vagcom in norwich? or silverstone at weekend

    im heading over to england from iom on friday and was wondering if anyone would do me the favour of adjusting my xenons on vagcom? ill be in norwich friday eveing then headin to f1 for weekend. anyone please?
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    throttle body alignment and boost leak, opinions wanted please.

    is it true if you open the drivers door and bonnet then turn the ignition on it aligns the throttle body? when would the best time to do this be, when engine warm or cold? also ive got a boost leak, which pipework should i generally be looking at. im mechanically minded but the 20v engine is...
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    N75 valve help

    Hi, I'm going to change my n75 valve based on the fact my engine isn't supplying the boost the map is asking for. Now I've read a little into different part numbers for different outcomes. Is it best to stick to the part numer ending in f or something else? Anywhere online I can get one from?
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    Please help, very slow s3!

    I need some help badly. I've got an 01 s3 which is ment to have been remapped. It's had a recent service, new stat and cts, green Cotten panel filter. The spark plug gap I think is at 22 thou. I bought a milltek cat back 2 weeks ago. I knackered the lambda while taking my old exhaust off. When...
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    Milltek fitting help and lambda issue

    Hi, just bought a milltek cat back system second hand. What issues have people had with fitting? Also I accidently smacked the lambda sensor when removing the cat off the system and now 17526 and 17522 come up. Anyone have a cheap solution on replacing this?
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    225bhp exhaust on 210bhp s3

    hi, was just wondering whether a 225bhp cat will fit and work properly on a 210bhp s3? any help very much appreciated cheers bryan
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    fault code help please

    hi, a friend of mine the n*b happened to buy an s3 exactly the same as mine. i plugged my fault finder into it and came up with 4 codes. 2 are straight forward however, 18010 and 17963 could be multiple solutions. has anybody else had experience with the 2 codes and what did they find solved the...