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  1. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    N/S wheel bearing???????

    i have this knocking/grinding (mostly knocking) from the nsf on my car at low speeds/crawling traffic, and have had the car up in the air several times and checked ARB droplinks, recently fitted powerflex wishbone bushes, CV joints and both inner and outer are fine (n/s is a new shaft) and all...
  2. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Nearside driveshaft help.

    Hello everyone, I've noticed that my nearside inner CV joint is very worn and considering just swapping the shaft for a salvaged unit. Are all the 2wd shafts the same? Also seen that you can buy just the inner CV kits and was wondering if this is the way forward?? Any...
  3. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Cup holder cuffuffle!!

    After ordering a Saturday morning drive thru McDonalds, I placed my latte in the cup holder and drove off, shortly after realising that the lunch who made it didn't put the lid on properly, and the inevitable happened. The next day it was glued shut!! Just spent ages cleaning the goop out...
  4. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Considering wheel change........

    Hello girls and boys, I am currently running BBS LM reps 18x8.5 and although I like the wheels I have considered 17" wheels for a while now and I really like the CH's but was hoping for some pics from you guys so I can see what they look like, now I see alot on...
  5. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    DIY ebay catch can baffle, is this going to help??

    hello all, ive had a cheap ebay catch can (toyosports) installed for about 8-9months and all it catches is oily water (apple juice color and consistency)and leaves my breather pipes gunged up, the vent is to the TIP at the moment but may go atmospheric or what ever the right word is...
  6. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    ECS Race N75 valve?

    anybody using one of these? ECS Tuning VAG 1.8T Race N75 Frequency Valve - ES#122 | eBay im pretty sure i need a new N75 valve and just wondering if this is a good idea rather than a standard one?? my car is a 2002 AUM with a remap, obviously the car is used on the road everyday for work, so...
  7. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    anybody in southend area willing to let me borrow their N75 for 15 mins???

    hello peeps, my car has a intermittent boosting problem, 9 out of 10 times the car comes on boost then drops off slightly and comes back again two to three times throughout the rev range. i have recently done a boost leak test,due to fault codes causing MIL to come on, and found...
  8. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    decat lambda spacer??

    hi all, gonna go down the 3" downpipe and decat, but ive read somewhere you need a lambda sensor spacer?? could somebody please explain why iits needed and where i can get one please. im assuming its due to the increased flow of gas. cheers steve
  9. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    car keeps going into limp mode please help.

    hello all, first of all i will try and cover all info required for you guys to give me some feedback. my car is a 02 1.8t AUM re-mapped by total vag forge 007p n249 bypass and catch can is fitted. right first here are some VAGCOM codes. VAG-COM Version: Release 409.1-S Control...
  10. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    What Vagcom?? Advice please.

    Hi all, I want to buy a Vagcom kit, and just wondering what is the best one to go for? I've looked on eBay And see two module types and several cable and software kits to work on a laptop. I'm pretty green to this an was hoping for some advice. Cheers Steve
  11. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Creation Motorsport TIP

    Hi, Looking at replacing my TIP (AUM with stage 1 remap). Now I know the industry standard is the forge tip, but found one on eBay by a firm called Creation Motorsport has anyone got/had one or have any info on this product?? It seems reasonable and the seller says he has sold lots on VAG...
  12. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Boost gauge location/fitting examples please.

    Hi all, Want to fit a boost gauge and was hoping for some inspiration for all people that have done it. So if any of you have pictures of where and what gauges you have fitted, I would be grateful if you shared them with me Cheers
  13. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    FMIC Paint/powedercoat???

    Hi, I'm considering a fmic for my a3 but don't want a big shinney intercooler on show, I want it as stealth as possible, so was considering painting or powder coating it black. Would this reduce the intercoolers efficiency at all?? Cheers
  14. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Engine code info please.

    Now I'm sure this comes up loads, so sorry for making peeps repeat themselves, but how do I tell what engine code my car is?? It's a 2002 1.8t 2wd. Now, I've been routing around on the net and found this AGU - A3 - 97-00 AEB - A4 AND A6 - 95-98 APU - A4 AND A6 - 98-00 AWT - A4 AND A6...
  15. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Steering play! Rack or tie rod ends??

    Hi, Have have a small (but noticable) amount of movement in the steering on my 1.8t, when im stationary and turn the wheel left and right there is some play. Now ive read some other relative threads and was wondering whats the best way to check whether its the rack or the tie rod...
  16. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Front anti roll bar advice please.

    Hi all, I've got the usual problem of the offside (and sometimes nearside!) driveshaft hitting the ARB. Now, I already have shortened drop links and I'm looking at the FK ARB with extended hoops, and was wondering if this is the one to go for?? Or is the ARB that goes under the...
  17. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Cam belt kit???

    hi all, cam belt and water pump is on my list of never ending 'to do's' on my car. just been to price up the bits both at the stealers and euro's. £75 at euros (inc hydraulic damper???:unsure: whatever that is??, tensioner???) and £114 in kit form at Audi. and before people start shouting at...
  18. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    A3 1.8t Wishbone bushes. help please

    Right. got some polyurethane wishbone bushes to go on and was wondering if anyone has done this or has any tips regarding the job?? i will be doing it in a fully equipped workshop thanks to a mate of mine, so tooling shouldnt be a problem. Any input is greatly appreiciated. Steve
  19. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Wheels finally refurbed!!

    hi all, just had my wheels refurbed. but rather than stay silver i went for GTR anthracite. work was carried out at Alloy Art in southend, Essex. well worth a look if your planning on doing a refurb. im very happy with the result. All four wheels were kerbed, and one had a heavy chunk out of...
  20. Steveo_A3_1.8t

    Rfactor the ONLY racing simulator

    Hi all, For any of you who love your racing games gt5, forza etc then you may well know of rfactor. It's a race simulator which can be modded so there are all kinds of race classes, from F1 to 2cv's!! It's awesome, you can't get bored as there's so much choice. The only downside is...