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    Crankshaft pulley

    What a #*#* end to the holiday Anyone else had this pleasure? I'm only on 40k so surprised the rubber perished to this extent Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Tyre recommendations

    Anyone got any tyre recommendations for 18/225/40? (A3 S Line) I've been a fan of Goodyear efficiency grip but barely getting 10k out of the last set on the front. OE was Bridgestone RE050A but they get some pretty nasty reviews. Budget up to £90/£100 a corner Thanks
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    Under wheel arch treatment - Winter is coming!

    This is my first winter as an Audi owner and I am concerned that the combination of a harsh winter, lots of road salt and material covered arch liners are going to result in some rust developing on my 9 year old sportback. Is anyone taking an preventative measures? If so what and what products...
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    Detailers Toolbox

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a toolbox to house the many different variants of cleaning products I seem to have accumulated? A sports direct bag isn't really fit for purpose these days Cheers