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    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    Best choice by a mile, only regret is if you get a ride in the beast you'll be wanting 600hp its so addictive
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    the dreaded P2002

    just get it gutted and mapped out its only environmental crap anyway.
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    A4 B&O front door bass speakers needing replaced

    As I thought, I made a polystyrene mock up of the crossover I wanted to use and the only place to put one is under the dash which would require hacking into the wiring pre door connector .So I will look to add a couple of audiophile quality capacitors for the tweeters dont fancy hacking into the...
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    A4 B&O front door bass speakers needing replaced

    Yep Im doing the same the speakers are the cheapest crappy ones from the parts bin,no way B&O had anything to do with these.For the fronts did you go with a crossover for the tweeters or use a capacitor,Im having trouble finding somewhere to put a crossover?I went with Audison Voce speakers and...
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    A4 B&O front door bass speakers needing replaced

    You can use any 6.5" mid bass speaker with an abs adapter . I bought my adapter from aliexpress. I'm replacing all my B&O speakers as theyre **** and really cheap crappy speakers. check this thread Bruce may be of assistance...
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    Suspension arm kits

    I have a full front kit plus shock mounts from 034 motorsports to go on when I pluck up the courage to start the job. Its not needed yet but car has 148k miles so its only a matter of when.
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    Anti tamper stickers bust on new EBC pads?

    id be more worried about using them as ebc are crap
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    Gear Knob

    have a look for Black forrest indistries or raceseng
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    Gear Knob

    Its the same one thats on my avant but its a little expensive though .Previous owner fitted mine.
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    Gear Knob

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    Audi Avant Electronic tailgate issue

    yes it should have the memory function as mine does .There are videos on youtube