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    hi, step 1, check fuse step 2. check fuse holder in engine bay for corrosion, step 3. pull and push fuses's's'sss step 4. still no success then just burn it
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    Gear change snatch

    please be optimistic, they just learnt how to change a lightbulb
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    New member to the fold

    12 months to save we expect to see 650hp in month 13 lol
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    2+ is a lot more power than a stock rs3 8p, mine feels about 200wkw vs my s3 at 230wkw, but mods for mods will take the rs beyond , most brands stop at 400hp for safe limits until fuel and intercooler are done then its about 440 ,
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    2017-2018 RS 3, Launch Control, Versus, No-Launch-Control ???

    is it not the hill hold assist?whiel my 8prs3 does not do this my s3 did
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    Ohhhh noooo...

    because dealer can only stamp a service book, they don't actually service cars under plan.. this is my findings on every car I've owned or had to look after.
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    Question for the RS3 8P Owners....

    i use manual and drive sport is quite annoying and wrong gear half the time. i do find that in drive and gear down it doesn't change back to drive quick enough by itself
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    *RS3 8P buying advice needed*

    i have just purchased one, i am currently trying to find a warranty cover that allows me to take the car elsewhere. while i can afford audi prices i cannot afford their stuff ups and lack of knowledge of their own brand this might be different in your country but here at the bottom of africa I...