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    DSG Gearshift Knob red plastic ring?

    I noticed the plastic red ring is broken on my dsg gear knob. Does anyone know if you can disassemble this somehow and replace the red ring. It seems silly to have to replace the entire shifter.
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    All in one sub + amp for 8V S3 standard audio system

    Hi. I was hoping to add the following sub to my 2015 S3 Saloon. I'm not an audio expert but handy enough that I reckon I can manage such an install. My expectation is that there should be a connection available on the back of the unit in the glove box for this sub and that it will simply just...
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    Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    2015 S3 8V with standard audio package and MMI system. Car has parking plus (but no cameras) and also has navigation. I have seen multiple different retro fit kits for android auto and car play and they all seem to do the same thing. Is there any good reason to pay 650 euro plus shipping and...
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    New S3 8V owner - some questions

    Hi. First time S3 8V owner here. Loving the car but have a couple of questions hopefully someone here can help. 1- something was rattling around in the boot well, I found the offending item, a metal washer but I also found this. Does anyone know what it is? It doesn't look like a valet key, is...